Thursday, July 3, 2008

And the winner is......

First of all I'd like to send out a big thank-you to everyone for all of the lovely comments I received on my last post..... The winner's of my big fabric bundle giveaway's are.......Email me through your snail mail address ladies and I'll get your prizes in the post.....

I'm still keeping busy with the end of lambing.... Hopefully this little treasure will be my last bottle feeder...She's the runt from a set of triplets that just couldn't get a feed. I've had her for a couple of days now and she's really coming out of her shell... Before long I'll be putting her back in the paddock with all of the other lambs where she belongs...

I stumbled across this fantastic gardening club the other day that I just had to join 'The Digger's Club'... Has anyone out there heard of it before???? Well, for those of you that haven't let me tell you a little bit about it......

It began in 1978 as a gardening club for Aussie's looking for interesting plants usually unavailable at nurseries. They fight to preserve the best plants from the past, particularly heirloom veggies, fruit trees and ornamental plants. They provide seeds, plants and produce, along with advice for gardeners who want to garden for the environment rather than against it.

Where has this gardening club been hiding all of my life... LOL!!! I've been searching for something like this ever since I bought my first house almost 10 years ago. It was owned by a lovely lady in her 80's. Her husband had built the house for her and she established the garden. It was the most amazing heirloom garden I'd ever seen...

This garden inspired me to learn more about heirloom gardening. Every avenue I turned down I seemed to get blocked, was this gardening style a thing of the past?? After many failed attempts at trying to find info I finally came to the realisation that you just must not be able to purchase these kinds of seeds/plants anymore....

Boy was I wrong...... Very wrong indeed!!!! I'm so glad that I found 'The Digger's Club' and am now a member. I received my first magazine yesterday..... With 1 years subscription you get 6 of these wonderful magazines full of great gardening advice and the latest heirloom plants available to plant at that time of year, all of which they sell themselves.... I also got some free seeds in my package and couldn't help but purchase this book too while I was at it....I've already started designing my new and improved farm garden as we speak and can't wait to plant some of these gorgeous dwarf citrus.... Oh.... The possibilities are endless and I can't wait to take you on this journey with me.....

Take Care :)


  1. Your little lamb looks so cute - hope he is soon ready to enjoy his siblings in the big paddock!

  2. Your going to have so much fun in the garden! Cute lamb too.

  3. there will be no garden if that lamb gets into it........and yes I have heard of diggers and I have got stuff from them.........very good.......

  4. That lamb is so adorable - what a little miracle! I love the idea of that garden group ... gotta find something like that here in the states.

  5. I had never heard of them - not surprised chookyblue has - is there anything she doesn't know! I am going toheadon over as I am very interested. Can't wait to see the results at your place.
    Take Care

  6. I love your cute little lamb, what a sweetie! I have seen the Diggers Club advertised in the Gardening Australia club and been tempted to join, looks like it is well worth it

  7. I have actually been a member!! Was very pasionate about it as a new wife and mother-then this thing called patchwork started to take over and the garden slipped a little!
    well done on the 100 posts, Tracey

  8. I would love a garden (we are currently in a townhouse so large pots are as exciting as it gets here). I want to grow all those fabulous tomatoes! The ones that taste like tomatoes. What a lovely find and I shall remember it for the day we have more than some large pots!

  9. When I was a little kid, my parents took in three orphaned lambs from some local sheep herders. It was cold so we kept them in an old playpen in the laundry room, and fed them with a bottle until they were strong enought to go to the barn. What a lot of cleaning that was, and a lot of work, but two of them lived, and Peaches and Gilligan became the most dog-like sheep I have ever seen. They eventually roamed free on our fenced property, following us everywhere.

  10. i think i'll sign my husband up! he's an avid gardener - he'd probably love it.

  11. I loved looking at all your garden bits and pieces. It will be lovely when those seeds start coming up.


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