Back To Basics Update # 1

I've decided to join in with this great little challenge I read about over at Belinda's blog. It's been going for a while now and Belinda does weekly updates but knowing how side tracked I can get I thought I'd just number my updates instead of doing them weekly just in case...... :)

Sowing - Watermelon, Sweet Corn, Zucchini, Tomatoes
Planting - Tomatoes, Thyme, Dill, Baby Spinach, Lemon tree, Orange tree, Lime Tree.
Harvesting - Wheat (DH's 1500 acres), Snow Peas, Radish and waiting anxiously for my first lot of tomatoes to ripen....
Planning for the Future....
Sorted out the freezer and made meal plans to suit what I had. Organised DH to kill a couple of our lambs in the next few weeks to restock supplies. Finished writing up a Xmas pressie list and put aside patterns needed to make most of the gifts on my list.

Working for the Future....
Built a garden bed in front of the kitchen for herbs. Built tree guards for newly planted fruit trees to stop lambs from eating them. Started quilting Connie's quilt and cutting the shag's on DH's Old Jeans Shaggy quilt (inspiration from here) for Xmas. Crochet a blanket for Connie's Xmas dolly (yet to be made). (you can see more pics of the dolly blanket here)

Building Community....Sorted through the families old clothes and bagged a heap up to drop off to the Salvation Army next time I'm in town. Made a batch of peanut butter cookies to drop off to a friend.Learn a New Skill...
Got a crash course on how to operate a John Deere 8820 Header so that I can help DH harvest our wheat crop.

And guess what?????

Less than 4 weeks til Bub #2 is due... Here's a belly pic taken while I was at work last week....This bundle of joy has been incubating for 36 weeks now and our little family is just ever so anxious to meet him/her..... Take Care :)


  1. Whew you've been busy, but it's so great to read about what other people are doing around the world. Have you thought about doing a "day in my life" posting with pictures? It would be great to see! That dress is adorable by the way and you look great!

  2. Great belly shot..and that's a very pretty dress you're wearing too!

  3. That blanket looks so soft. I love it.

  4. Love the belly shot! You look great Jelly!

  5. You are looking so well - you must be getting very excited! Your vegie crop sounds delicious - how much fun to go and pick you own vegies when required. Your blacnket looks lovely - can't believe how much you have been getting done!

  6. wow your looking great......oh and I try and avoid the did the harvest go......alot down graded here......let me know if your going to the big town before bub is due..........

  7. Aren't you too cute! You look great ... baby will be here before you know it ;-)

  8. Jodie you're looking fantastic.
    Hope you're feeling well.
    Where do I get me some of those gorgeous legs. Wooo Hoooo

  9. Hello! Just a note to let you know that your SSCS gift is on its way! It is coming all the way from the USA so it may be about two weeks. I have enjoyed reading your blog and getting to know you through it. I can't wait to find out if Bub #2 is a boy or a girl!!

  10. wow! love reading your blog, I used to live on a farm in the Marlborough Sounds of NZ so love reading about the details on your blog - John Deere tractors etc! I feel motivated to update my blog after reading tonight, reminds me of the days when I was a 'younger' farmers wife! love your crop pics, wish my veg were looking so good! we've got plenty of lettuce/silverbeet types but no tomatoes yet - bring on summer!!

  11. Look at that baby bump - great shot!

    Looks and sounds like you have been busy - I am contemplating joining up on this challenge too - will do it in the new year though after we get back from christmas

  12. I raked hay once and really enjoyed it.


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