Making the most if it.....

My first week of part time work went great!!! I can't believe just how much I've managed to get done....

First of all I got to knit up another little beanie for bub #2.....

I know that I don't know the sex of this bub yet but for some reason I was just drawn to this yarn and had to knit something with it. If it turns out that I actually have a little boy than that's o.k, he'll look dashing in pink now wont he... LOL!!!I've also started a matching pair of socks to go with this beanie... Here's my progress so far....

1 down 1 to go... (both of these patterns are free Raverly downloads for those interested)

The little princess and I got a chance to start building some garden beds around the base of the cedar trees that line the boundary of the homestead yard. The bricks that we're building them out of have been salvaged from the original homestead that burnt down in the early 70's, we have 100's of these bricks and don't you worry I have 100's of ideas to use them all up too... :)

Isn't she just the greatest little helper???? :)

I remember spotting an old cast iron bed up at our farm tip about 2 months ago and thought about dragging it back to the house one day and trying to restore it for the little princess. Well on Thursday morning I did just that, dragged it back from the tip... To my surprise there's nothing wrong with it..... (sorry about the bad pic)... After a bit of scrubbing to get rid of the surface rust, a wipe down with metho and a coat of primer I'm now ready to give this baby a lick of paint before she heads into the house for her second life.... You see the little princess is still in a cot so this bed will be her first official 'big girly' bed.... How exciting!!!!

If you look really close you should just be able to spot an old dressing table next to the bed in the pic..... I bought this old girl at a farm clearing sale about 12 months ago for $5. It has a gorgeous set of old beveled edged mirrors to go with it and I've decided that this will make the most perfect addition to the little princess's room along with the bed...

I've started a quilt like this one but in purple for the little princess for Xmas to go on her new 'big girly' bed. It's all cut out so now it's time for the fun part, sewing it all together...

Speaking of quilts I also managed to whip up a little pram/cot quilt for bub #2...

I just have to sew on some binding and it's done..... Each of the squares measure 5" so it's not really that big, just perfect for my little old antique cot... :)

I told you that I had a great week now didn't I??? I could really get used to this part-time/stay at home stuff and I'll definitely be making the most of my precious time before bub #2 comes along....

It's just satrted to rain here where I am. My house has a tin roof and I love the sound that the rain makes when it hits it... I hope you're getting some rain in your area too... Take Care.. :)


  1. now even tho your bed is gorgeous you souldn't be dragging things anywhere lady - you should be looking after yourself :-)cute socks too
    lisa x

  2. You have been busy! You give new meanining to 'nesting'!

  3. Love the hat & socks in really are back into Knitting...Great to see..I really Hope you didn't Drag that bed literally....Good to see you are Enjoying your Extra Time at Home...

  4. Fabulous bed!! We just put Daphne in her first 'big girl's' bed and she's so pleased with herself. What colour will you be painting it? I can't wait to see a photo of her room with the bed, quilt and dressing table - very sweet!! I hope you are well and glad you are taking time out to get some stuff done and enjoy the rest of the pregnancy.

  5. Are you going to paint it white. I am sure it will turn out beautifully. I love the cot quilt, very cute. The beanie and sock is just adorable. You must be so full of energy not having to work for so many hours during the week. I am sure you will get a lot accomplished. It rained here yesterday too, a big storm and lots of rain.

  6. Aaaah....the sound of rain on a tin roof! Many happy memories.

  7. I love the socks! :)

    And quilting too! - we are kindred spirits!

  8. i LOVE the sound of rain on the roof. actually, i just love the sound of rain on anything - actually, i just love rain!!!! lol
    i remember when i stopped working when i had julian i was worried that i would get bored and it was such fun! enjoy every precious moment, your life will change when baby two comes along - a good change, but a busy change!

  9. I can tell you have enjoyed working part time, you have gotten so much done!
    the bed is lovely and will look great when you have it finished.
    Oh, love the socks too!

  10. Pink is the new black you know!

    I was actually starting to wonder if I had missed the announcement of what sew babe #2 was to be! Oh well - if it indeed a little man you will have lots of little girly things for gifts next year.

    Looking forward to seeing the room and the quilt - very exciting going into a big girls bed.

  11. Go Jelly! I am pleased that things are going really well for you and that you are enjoying the last few weeks of your pregnancy. I will look forward to seeing more pic's of what you are up to!
    Bec xxx

  12. Wow, you got a lot of great projects going.

  13. Wow! you really did get a lot done. The knitting is lovely and regardless of the sex--it'll all be used. My SIL used to put my nephews in girl pjs that she found on sale. What a great find on the bed and the quilt is so cute! They'll both have "new" spaces. How fun! And the lil' princess is a great helper!


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