Well I guess you could say that I sure am well and truly 'nesting'..... I just can't seem to stop playing around with wool at the moment, again... LOL!!!
Here's a little pink crochet top that I whipped up yesterday....It was so super easy didn't even take 2 hours!!! I played around a bit with the pattern that I found for free on Raverly and changed a few things but all in all I'm pretty happy with this cute little number...(back view)
I also whipped up these cute little panties to match out of some fabric that I had in my stash....
All I did to make up the panties was trace around an old pair of the little princess's from when she was just a wee little one and it all kinda fell into place from there... I'm thinking about doing up a tutorial they were that easy but you know what I'm like when it comes to tutorials so don't hold your breath... LOL!!!
Here's the little outfit all together.... Too cute don't you think????I've also made this little top in green with a matching bonnet. I'm going to make up some matching panties for that one too and will post about it later in the week....

Take Care... :)


  1. Does all this pink possibly mean something ;)

    This little outfit is so so so cute Jodie!
    I LOVE it!
    I just brought a pattern that had bloomers like that in it as i needed it go to with a pinafore top pattern I had..At least it's good to know they are easy to make ;)
    oh well McCalls are having a buy one pattern get one free, so I'm happy lol

    Enjoy the rest of your nesting.. when are you due?

  2. Absolutely too cute! Can't believe you whizzed that crochet up in two hours - wow. You nest away girl - enjoy it while you can!

  3. Lot's of pink happening at your place Jelly!!! Are you trying to tell us something!!!!

  4. just gorgeous - I love it - is it pink for a reason?

  5. What a cute little top. The pants match so well too and are completely adorable. Cant wait to see the green ones too.

  6. Wow, you are really cranking the baby stuff out. Way to go! These crochet tops are so cute.

    I knit so much during the end of my pregnancy. It was weird how much stuff I knit. I was a knitting machine.

  7. Oh. How. CUTE!!! That's fabulous -- and what a quick needle you have!

  8. Less than two hours...I'm always in awe when I read that. You are so naturally gifted in this department! They are beautiful and go so well together too!

  9. just gorgeous - you are on fire with all your crafting..
    lisa x

  10. Jodie how Gorgeous is this little Outfit...Your on a Roll least you are sitting & Resting while you have Needle in hand...
    take care

  11. Oh this is simply devine - I really need to learn to crochet!
    The bloomers are just so sweet too!

  12. Very cute! I do need to learn to crochet. Love the bloomers!

  13. Lovely. All that pink? Have you found out? Oh, I love little girls!

    2 hours? How do you do it? It would take me 2 hours to cast on in knitting...


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