With the last of the wheat loaded in the sowing rig, ready to be planted this morning....
The girls and I decided to go mushroom picking in the paddock that backs onto the homestead....
Loads and loads of beautiful, big edible delights awaited us...But with all of this excitement there was bound to be an accident or 2 sooner or later....So a lot of our mushies ended up stump-less, but who cares right?? I'm sure they'll still taste just as good..... *^_^*
I also managed to squeeze in a bit of knitting this weekend with the completion of another feather and fan project inspired by this pattern (again)....
My modifications are as follows..... do 11 repeats of the 4 row feather and fan pattern then bind off knit-wise leaving a 20’ tail…. using a 4mm crochet hook ch10 then slip back into first ch to create a loop for hanging… weave in ends and you’re done…
How'd you spend your weekend????


  1. I just love fresh picked mushrooms. Sadly we don't find as many as we used to, but even a handful is worth it.
    Love your footsie warmers too!

  2. Love the mushrooms - fond memories there. I had a busy weekend with a bit of everything - a dinner out, some school work, some sewing, some food shopping, a sleep in and of course the washing! Oh and a bit of knitting too

  3. Your mushrooms look very nice. We havent found any for at least 3 years around here but they do taste nice cooked in a with a bit of butter and garlic. I had a nice quiet weekend, listening to the rain on the tin roof whilst knitting up two hats.

  4. our crops are all up and looking good so far.........

  5. yum, love mushys. DH usually 'stuffs' them for me on my birthday! lol, I realise how funny that sounds!

  6. YUM-O... book us in for the next mushroom picking expedition.

  7. Love the pics of the little hands picking the mushrooms!
    Your feather and fan stitch looks most effective. Lisa


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