We sure have been having some crazy weather of late with this pic taken last week while driving through yet another crazy dust storm.... I am soooo totally over these storms for the year... LOL!!!!
Amongst all of the chaos I've been working on some washers for a special blogger to replace a parcel that seems to have been lost in the post......
They are both freebie patterns and you can find the red one here and the brown one here....
Here's hoping your having a lovely weekend...

Take Care :)


  1. I cant believe you have had more dust storms. You'll have to start wearing those little face masks soon. I love the brown dishcloth, beautiful. I hope those one arrive at their destination.

  2. I hope these dust storms aren't going to be frequent. Fortunately we have only had the one.

    I love your latest wash cloths, particularly the one on the right.

  3. beautiful cloths, i love the colours. dust storms are such an alien concept to me - being in england ive never experienced one - just plenty of the windy and rainy variety lol

  4. I LOVE the washers. You're inspiring me to learn how to knit. It's just the basic learning that intimidates me. Who to go to, where to start... But I have bookmarked those patterns for one day soon. xo Meagan PS. Enter my giveaway the lotions I have would be perfect for your girls, There's only one entrant so far so you's have a 50/50 chance of winning! The entry details are on last Friday's post. xo Meagan.

  5. We were in N. Africa one year and endured sand storms. It was awful! Those cloths look wonderful! If you haven't sent them yet, maybe they should be sent to our address in the US. We will be there later this year!


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