Fresh Beans....

In amongst kitchen Reno's this week I whipped up another little hat for my new nephew....
This was just as super easy as the one I made here and if you'd like to make one yourself here's the pattern....
Jelly's Striped Slouch Hat
This hat is sized for a newborn
Cast on 60's using 4mm circular needle and what ever yarn you like as long as it's 10-12ply....
Knit in the round for 10cm, alternating between two colours every 2nd round.
Don't worry about cutting the yarn every colour change, just bring the yarn up and continue knitting as normal... Because the stripes aren't very big you barely notice where you've bought the yarn up through the previous colour and started knitting again....
Once your work has reached 10cm in length, place markers every 15st's as you're now ready to start your gradual decrease.... Knit to 2 st's before st marker, knit these 2 st's together. Continue like this all the way round (a total of 4 decreases per round)... Knit 3 rounds as normal without decreasing, incorporating the stripe pattern.
Repeat these 4 rows until you have 4 st's remaining... Cut the yarn leaving a 6' tail, thread it through the live st's, pull tight and weave in ends.... You're now finished... A pompom on the end would look super cute too, the choice is yours... :)
I've been lucky enough to be enjoying fresh beans from the garden this week.....
They are super delicious raw, chopped and added to a yummy green salad.... What are you harvesting this week in your garden???? Take Care :)


  1. The little hat is super cute Jodie. I am sure your nephew will look extra adorable in it. We have been eating our home grown peas this week, and I put them in a salad last night and they were so tasty and sweet.

  2. Love the hat! It will surely keep your nephew's head nice and toasty warm.

  3. Very cute hat..and I love the special birthday presents...gorgeous! Hope my package has arrived safely??!! Tracey

  4. yum-o I can still taste those super crunchy beans....delish!! That hat is so cute I am loving the blue and green combo!! great work.

  5. no harvesting but I did get some seed potatoes on the weekend so we will be planting them in the next few days.............

  6. This hat is such a cute shape!


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