Outside To Play....

I don't know what its been like at your place but here it's just miserable..... The wind hasn't died down for days and the Suns been too scared to raise its head for fear of being blown away....

But without fail every morning Miss Connie rugs up and insists on going outside to play.....

I don't know how kids do it???? I love being outside, don't get me wrong, but when it's like this I'd so much prefer to snuggle up on the couch with a nice warm cuppa out of the elements clicking away on some knitting but no they love to be out in it... So we all rug up as a family and head outside for some play time together regardless of the weather. Yesterday we managed to make 2 more of these garden beds using up some more of the old homestead bricks that we have laying around........ I have big plans for agapanthus in this one and can't wait to pick some up from my Mum's this weekend.... :)

I decided to crochet my cloths for this round of the swap (I knitted them last round).... So using one of my all time favourite crochet cloth patterns I whipped these 2 up for my partner....

Teamed up with some yummy Spring seeds for her garden, I hope she likes them....

Take Care :)


  1. It is cold here too - and rainy and windy and yesterday we had HAIL! What is with this weather:(

    Anyway - it is nice to get out - the sun is out today and although it is COLD Amelia has requested that we drive to the park - so looks like we are heading out - not a bad thing - I did want to go and feed the ducks:) But I can noly imagine how many people will be there today - being the first sunny day in a week and the last day of the school holidays.

  2. Yes it has been so cold here too and yesterday it rained on and off all day. My kids used to be the same out in the freezing cold, and Isabelle would love it if I let her be in it all day long, but then she usually ends up with a cold whereby everyone then feels horrible. I love your crocheted dishcloths, so pretty and the colors are perfect together. I knit Isabelle a cardigan once in pink and chocolate, but have no photos sadly.

  3. I love the colors of your dirt. Its so different to ours! Mine is black!

  4. It's been too dusty and horrible to let the kids outside a few days this week. But kids hate being cooped up inside don't they! Gorgeous colours for your washcloths! They look beautiful!

  5. This post is hilarious... I am in stitches looking at those beautiful new beds you have made and reading of your flower garden dreams..... you do realise they are now destined forever to be a racing, loading and dumping bed for your gorgeous truck loving girls.... lol ;)

  6. My washer swap package arrived today, Yay!! Thanks heaps for organising another great swap Jodie.

  7. They're all the same , my son went off today bike riding with shorts on and it's freezing here too !

  8. Luckily my kids are happy to snuggle on the couch and watch a movie when it's cold out! She does look cute in her hoodie!

  9. yes the wind has been horrible and I am so sick of it and the dusty air too..........

    the girls sure are growing up and happy belated birthday......

    Always love a good clearing sale........


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