Homemade Baby Food....

Today I whipped up a batch of fruity muesli for the kids, mainly my 11 month old but Connie (3yrs) loves it too, especially on top of some yogurt..... It was super easy, all I did was peel and chop 2 apricots and 2 pears. I then added them to a pot and added water to just cover. I added a handful of rolled oats and a pinch of ground cinnamon and bought it all to the boil. I then simmered it for a good hour, or until it was thickened and the fruit was nice and soft. I gave it a whizz with my bar mix and hey presto instant baby food with minimal fuss and prep and best of all you know exactly what has gone into it, gotta love that.... (this much fruit makes up approx 600ml of baby food which if added to sterilised jars and sealed while hot will keep in the pantry for a good couple of months)...
Take Care..... Jodie......


  1. I remember that's what my mom used to do... I don't think I ever had "store bought" baby food till she had to go back to work and even then it was pretty rare.

  2. yum I think I would even eat it....so tasty!! Must give it a go.

  3. yum! sounds good enough to eat! No babies in this house any more, but one who is real fussy come breakfast time. I might try this as she likes yogurt and fruit. Have you tried and other fruit combination? My other daughter is a dream, asks for her cereal EVERY MORNING!

  4. Whipped some up right after I read your post this afternoon. I was overdue as L'il B has some every day for brekky and he has ben living off of store bought apple sauce for 3 days mixed with baby porridge because I didn't have my pureeing act together. Thanks for the motivation. xo m.


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