I've had a set of homemade napkins on my list of things 'to do' for quite some time now...
Today I had just enough free time I decided to do something about that....
To make them I cut 12 1/2' squares using some poly-cotton from my stash. I've used this fabric for a table cloth before and it washes beautifully (that was my reasoning behind the poly-cotton if you're wondering, oh and it's SUPER cheap which is also a bonus)....
To finish them off I added some 100% cotton fabric bias using a tiny zig-zag stitch, (to make my bias I cut 1 1/2' strips, this tutorial's great if you need a hand). I made sure to mitre the corners, which was so worth the extra time as it gives a lovely neat finish.... :)
I love how these have turned out, they match perfectly with my newly painted BRIGHT YELLOW kitchen... I now can't wait to whip a couple of sets up for people over Xmas.
All up they probably take about 4 hours to make, an hour each, that is when you add 2 little terrors running around under foot through the whole process.... LOL!!!.... But you know what, I don't think I'd have it any other way...... *^_^*
Take Care................ Jodie..........


  1. Such lovely napkins. The color is cheery.

  2. They look so bright and cheery... they will look great in your newly painted kitchen :)

  3. They look fantastic Jodie. I think I should make some too as my red ones always end up with something spilled on them when the kids eat! (My word verification for today is guest, how appropriate)

  4. Those are so cute. Lots of sunshine went into them. Can't believe you could whip them up so quickly with the bubs bumping around. You've really got your "bojo" going- you've written a post almost everyday lately- lucky for me! xo m.

  5. Jodie, those are beautiful! They will make any room bright and cheery.

  6. A great idea for a gift!

    I hope you are all well.


  7. They look great Jelly and thanks for sharing how you did them. Hope you are well?

  8. Those are lovely! And yes, they would make great Christmas gifts! I LOVE cloth napkins! I must have 30 and when I get my sewing machine cranking, I'll have even more!

  9. Wow - these are lovely! I have been meaning to make some napkins too (my husband thought it was crazy to put cloth napkins on our wedding registry for some reason!). Thanks for the inspiration!

  10. Very cool! I haven't made any to use here yet as we are still using a number I bought super cheap from the op shops.
    Do you water your grass much??? Comparing it to the dryness beyond your yard, as my yard seems to resemble outside your yard even with my attempts to keep it green!


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