Today I'm....

.....harvesting some MEGA green button squash from my veggie patch....
I've found 3 this size today, how crazy is that??? They're only supposed to grow to the size of a golf-ball, max, after all they are 'button' squash but these babies are HUGE!!!!! Now all I need is a good squash recipe, any suggestions???
Also, while Brad was busy being preoccupied 'far far away' we had a secret visitor today...
......a local photographer, he came out to take some pix of me and the girls... This will be Brads gift this year for Xmas... It's so hard finding just the right gift for my husband but this year I really think I hit the nail on the head, fingers crossed he thinks the same....
What gift ideas have you come up with for those hard to buy people in your lives???

Take Care..... Jodie.................


  1. ohhh yum!! we cooked up some of those delicious golf ball sized babies last night.... so tasty. Your garden rocks.

  2. Wow, they are huge! No suggestions from me, sorry.

    Ive come home to find my garden has gone nuts! Ive got huge carrots, the onions are looking awesome, and the zucchinis have babies :-)

  3. Wow they are gigantic arent they. Perhaps you could make a soup out of them, I only eat the small yellow ones with butter. I am sure Brad will love his present, I always love it when people gift photos, they are such a personal pressie.

  4. are a fantastic Idea. We give each other tickets to the Port Fairy Folk Festival each year, its in March and we love to we thought we would incorporate the 2 occations.

  5. That sounds like a great gift! Pics of our kids are always the perfect gift for those hard to buy relatives!

  6. gee, you must ahve wonderful soil up ther Jelly! The photographer was a great idea for a present too.

  7. Those look amazing- seriously huge! That's such a nice gift idea for you hub. Especially if he's away semi-often, so e can have a couple nice shots with him. xo m.


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