Monday, June 21, 2010

Me Time...

The girls are in bed and DH is away on 'business' so tonight I'm pulling an all night-er... I've got a gorgeous book, my favourite red wine and a really good Internet connection (for a change). So after I've shared my latest creation with you all I'm hitting the couch, in front of the fire, for some much needed 'me time'.....

The latest project hot off the needles is this 'star' stitch hat....
I'm really loving this gorgeous 12ply pure wool from cascade and am so thrilled to be stocking it in my shop....
I've also managed to cast-on for a divine scarf which is featured in the 2nd Ysolda book. I'm using some of the delicious Australian 8ply Alpaca that I have featured here this month....

Here's hoping your having a gorgeous Monday and that in between all of the chaos you get a chance to have a little 'me time' also...

Hugs..... Jodie xx-xx


  1. Nice to hear you are getting some Me Time...well deserved..I Lovin your New to check out your shop...

  2. Love your star hat! Have a great evening, nothing like a little peace and tranquility.

  3. enjoy your you time, you most definitely deserve it!

  4. How lovely for you to have some "me time". Love your new hat, how wonderful a pattern.

  5. Loving the new hat and the yarn colour. Me-time is very important for Mums

  6. enjoy your you time.VERY important!

  7. Me time is so important. We always remind others to take it but usually forget to take it ourselves. Thanks for the reminder.

  8. Good on you Jodie, great use of your "ME" time... Love your latest hat too.

  9. hey jodie
    the hat is gorgeous - is it knitted?
    hope you enjoyed your 'me' time. one of the good things about being so busy is that these opportunities of some time out are greatly enjoyed and appreciated. here's to more 'me' time :)

  10. sounds bliss!! although I didn't hear any mention of chocolate!!

  11. Sounds nice. You are right that we mums need some 'me time' every now and then.

  12. I hope you thoroughly enjoyed your time on the couch. The hat is lovely. I'm sorry that you lost your dog. What a brave girl she was.

  13. I just love all the adorable hats. There is an award waiting for you on my blog. Come take a look! Thanks for the inspiration!

    ~jan contributing author of

  14. Gotta love "me time", seems I only get it in the middle of the night as well.
    Having a catch up, so sorry about the pup, is scary to think thougfh about it being the kids. I had a similar day once, went with my beloved dog waling the kids in the double pram late in the afternoon, stopped at the neighbors to give apples to their horse and my dog got angry at DD and bit her wrist, I kept walkingin the near dark a few kms to the next neighbors and left the dog there to be dealt with and never matter what those kids are our most precious item!

    Loving the crochet hat, I learnt to crochet on granny squares, still the sum total pf my skill really, I;ve never really read a pattern but I can look at stuff and work it out, am very tempted by those flowers, did you say you have a book, just flower pattern ot hat as well? Drop me a line thanks, Tracey


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