Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Sheep Work....

Firstly I'd like to say a big thank you to all of those who commented on my last post and emailed me in regards to the loss of puppy Lucy... Your kind words made the world of difference and for that I am forever thankful..... *hugs*

Today the weather was perfect!!! The sun was shinning and it was a heavenly 21'C, just right for a little sheep work.... Lamb marking was on the cards and while Brad (DH) and I worked little Millie watched intently, and Connie built mud pies for a special little lamb... That was until Connie found a secret fortress, the old sheep race and coaxed Millie and her new lamb in to play a while....It wasn't long before Millie decided enough was enough and it was time to escape....Connie was not impressed, can you tell???

Hugs....... Jodie xx-xx


  1. Oh, love the expressions on your girls' faces!

    Looks like quite alot of sheep work there!

  2. How Gorgeous is the last pic...little Millie is growing up so quick...& so Cute in her little hat...

  3. hilarious last pic! looks like a wonderful day. glad you had a warm one.

  4. looks like an amazing place for great adventures. you have such gorgeous girls :)

  5. Lovely photos... Gotta love a Miss Fussy Pants. Glad Millie can still get away. LOL!

  6. Hahaha -- that last picture is priceless!!!


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