Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Late Summer Vest.....

I searched for just over a week for the perfect first project for my new Malabrigo Worsted....
vest 1
I started a cardi for myself in this gorgeous shade, rich chocolate, but after finishing 1 sleeve decided to rip it.... Don't you hate that????
vest 2
But, then I found this - A Plain Vest.....
vest 3
And it's just PERFECT!!!
I made the size 1 for my size 2 (26month old), added an extra inch to the body length before starting on the sleeves and cast on 4 extra st's on each sleeve.
This little project used less than 1 100g skein of Malabrigo Worsted and took just under 2 nights on the couch worth of knitting (approx 4 hours). I love how the colours of this kettle dyed yarn give it an almost aged look to this super cute 'Late Summer Vest' - Malabrigo I am in LOVE!!!!!


  1. What's not to love! Its stunning.

  2. very cute.shame its not in adult sizes I would love one for myself!

  3. That's the cutest little vest -- I want it in big people sizes!

  4. oooooh you've got malabrigo! I ADORE malabrigo! I've just finished knitting a vest for my husband in it for his birthday and am halfway through a jumper for myself. It's such scrumptious wool - so soft and rich and the colours are gorgeous! Lovely vest - and I'm with anonymous - we need an adult version :-) Well done!

  5. I'm with "organic Australia"...its FANTASTIC!!

  6. Oh it is so cute! Wish it only took 4 hours to knit things in my size!

  7. What a great wife you'd make!!!!
    Love your style....

  8. It is so adorable...and I LOVE this pattern...after reading this I went a bought the pattern and some yarn and I am now half way through making one for my youngest easy to knit up and it is super quick too! Love it! Thanks for pointing me in the right direction!

  9. That is scrummy, you could just eat her up :-) Lovely wool too!

  10. Oh, this is making me SO hungry! I love the color and the pattern. Very cute.

  11. Love it Jodie!

    The colour looks great on Mil-Mil.


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