Thursday, February 3, 2011

My Crochet Kerchief....

I made a cute little Crochet Kerchief for one of my sisters a couple of years back for her b'day. I loved it then but love it even more now after a couple of alterations to the original pattern (freebie from here).... 3

Here's what I did.....
Using a 5mm hook and some delicious Cascade Sierra Yarn (approx 10ply 80%cotton/20%wool blend) follow the smaller size instructions on the original pattern and ch72. Repeat Row 1 only 2 times (not 3).
Next, don't use another ball to continue on with the triangle part of the kerchief, simply sl st across 12sc and start the triangle instructions from here.
Skip the finishing row of the 'Triangle' and the 'Finishing' instructions too. Fasten off and weave in your end.
With your starting tail, sew your straight sc edge together to form a ring/headband, you want it to be a firm fit as the cotton will slightly stretch with wear.

And that's it!!!! One super cute headband perfect for keeping your hair out of your face in this humid weather.


  1. That kerchief looks lovely! Thanks for sharing the link and your version of it. I might make one for my daughter ☺.

  2. I know a couple of girls in my house that would love one of those and especially in that beautiful blue colour, stunning. xo

  3. that turned out so cute!!!...I want one!!! that colour looks good on you!!! :)

  4. It's lovely!!
    Love the colour too :-)

  5. It looks great Jodie, I might have to pull out my learn to crochet book again and try it out!

  6. I love your kerchief. It is the most beautiful shade of blue. Hope it gets a bit cooler there for you.

  7. That is super cute and I didn't know there was a pattern....I made one for myself with a slightly smaller shell pattern and I have ties on each end so it can be tightened. Only recently I added a tassle and wooden beads to the point of the triangle at the suggestion of my friend and I love it, wear it all the time. :-)


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