Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Free Ride....

New life is abundant on the farm this time of year.... lambs 1
And as we muster in the ewe's for crutching a few stragglers get a 'free ride' with the girls to the shearing shed....

lambs 2
On the cropping front, sowing is done and dusted for yet another year and it's great to see seeds germinating already - all we need now is some follow up rain come the end of the month to turn these little seeds of 'not too much' into lush plants of hope and promise.......lambs 3


  1. your girls are growing up, so cute.

  2. Great to see you back blogging Jodie... was worried about you a couple of posts back...
    Your girls are growing and thriving on farm life and just gorgeous... the WA farmers have started seeding and some are saying it's the best start for them for a long time... while some further east are still waiting for rain xxx

  3. The best part of driving sheep and lambs is the free cuddles on the way! Your girls are adorable..Hope you get the follow up rains soon..

  4. Your little lambs holding their little lambs, how sweet babies are! Hope you are doing better. Have missed you :)

  5. Fantasically cute photo! I was just ooohing and aaaahing over the baby lamb and my husband straight away said NO! He knows me too well :-) Why are lambs born in early winter?? Don't the newborns freeze to death?
    Hope you are not getting all that rain? Just enough for the crop please xx

  6. Gorgeous pictures Jodie. I hope the cropping season is a big success this year.
    Take care,

  7. Prayers for a bumper year for all. What cute sheep - they know that they are in for a free ride - word will spread around and the girls will be giving them all a ride:)
    I am looking forward to being closer to the farm next year and my two having this experience.

  8. Gosh, aren't your girls growing up fast.

  9. Those are really beautiful photos of the girls. Nice to see you blogging again. Your photos give me a touch of home (red dirt and all) when I am missing cobar...xx


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