Monday, June 6, 2011

Sunday saw my Mum, DH and I feeding a hungry tribe (331 to be exact) of friendly faces here on 'Darling Downs' Station for the 2011 Royal Flying Doctor Car Trek.
Trek 1

We had the best time and loved every single minute of it!!!!!!
Trek 2

From the nervous week of crazy preparations as we cooked like mad women to the amazing people we met as they passed through. Sharing their stories and some even staying on, just that little bit longer, to enjoy a beer by the fire as the sun went down at the end of a very long yet rewarding day...

Trek 3


  1. The RFDS is a great cause and these rallys are a great way of fundraising while having a good time and seeing the country. I hope it raised a lot of cash!

    The RFDS is a vital support to our area as we are 400kms from Adelaide or about 500kms from Melbourne so air evacuation saves many lives in our area.

  2. hey jodie,

    i bet in all the craziness you loved every minute of it, and all i can say is what a lucky to have such a yummy cook cooking for them.

    i bet the girls also loved and thrived in the excitement.

    bec cain

  3. Wow! What a massive effort! Hats off to you!!

  4. Man, your little legs would have been you had an extra hand or two to pitch in and help...we had a very busy night on Sunday feeding them all as well as brekky the next morning in Tilpa...BIG job with all of the preparations...but I think they enjoyed it...

  5. What a great experience for all of you.

  6. What an experience it would certainly have been. Your organisation skill would certainly have been at the limit :)

  7. oh darn! that would have been awesome! We are home here now and missing being on the road, I am missing my boys as they hit the classroom, I am missing the freedom of travel and our little caravan. I have just caught up on some of your recent posts and LOVE you are homeschooling. My thoughts? I think go with your gut feeling, sure take the advice of others, but a Mumma's gut feeling is always right - always!


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