Sunday, June 12, 2011

Shalom Sanity....

I've been in search of the perfect 'everyday cardigan' for quite some time now and when I stumbled across this version of the gorgeous Shalom my heart just skipped a beat. So armed with a massive skein of Cascade Eco Yarn in the sweetest shade of grey I set to rolling.... shop 007
I'm so excited to start slowly knitting away at this little project which is just for me! There's something therapeutic about knitting garments for yourself, drifting away as the needles 'click', escaping, even if only for just a few minutes, into a world of knit-y bliss......

Also, the urge to re-purpose hit this week and I turned 4 of my girl's baby 'bunny rugs' into warm fluffy doona's....

blanket 003
I followed this great tutorial and had 2 snugly blankets finished within 3 hours...

blanket 017

Just Perfect!!!!


  1. Looks like youve had a productive week!

  2. Yes that version is definitely a winner, love the sleeves and the colour. Enjoy knitting for yourself :-)

  3. those look deliciously warm.

  4. They look very snuggly..I still have a few bunny rugs floating around and the youngest is 16 !

  5. i love that version of the shalom cardi - can't wait to see yours - enjoy the knitting :)

  6. What a great idea.... So warm for this time of year.


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