Tuesday, October 9, 2012


I know, I keep saying it but I really do love this time of year... I feel it way down in the deepest pits of my stomach, each and every time I step outside - especially when it's first thing in the morning and the Sun is only just rising and everything looks oh so much more vibrant.
broccoli 1
There's a silence in the air as my girls and I walk round the garden, still in our pj's, checking to see what 'magic' has been worked over night, planning out our day...........
broccoli 2
There's broccoli to be harvested (this will be added to a creamy homemade pasta for dinner).
broccoli 3
Rocket and lettuce to be picked (rocket for pesto and mixed lettuce for a green salad to accompany our pasta dinner).
New potatoes which have sprouted,
chives flowering (I'm now itching to try this out - chive blossom flavoured vinegar!!),
herbs 2
and petunia's poking their way through a maze of chocolate mint (have you got any ideas what I could do with this??).....
herbs 1
I could go on and on here with ramblings from my garden but will leave it at that.... :)
What magic is happening at your place this week??


  1. Beautiful photos. I sometimes make ice tea out of any of my mint, even chocolate mint. MMMM the kids love it!

  2. So much goodness Jodie...this all looks lovely! A little bit of magic in our garden this week is pretty purple flowers on my sage. I have not seen it flower before. x

  3. My roses are just coming out. They always look so beautiful in the first flush after winter. I like the sound of chive flower vinegar.

  4. I am loving your fresh produce garden. How lovely. Our front door garden is about to burst into gardenia flower. Each day the buds get fatter and fatter, not long to go now.

  5. I go out onto my balcony EVERY morning to check out what's happened overnight. It's magic...one day there's just dirt then boom, there's a plant!

  6. Yum! I've just put my zucchini and tomatoes in. Beetroot doing well, and garlic won't be too much longer. Potatoes are all sprouting too. Got given a yellow capsicum for my birthday so I need to find a spot for it, an get some basil in soon.

  7. I have just started my own veggie patch and I am loving it

  8. Your veggie garden looks yummy, all those healthy foods right at your fingertips. You can't get much fresher than that. Love it!
    Susanne :)

  9. Nothing like your own garden, ah? My husband dreams of one....


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