Saturday, January 19, 2013

Crazy Weather....

Wow - hasn't the weather been all over the place this past week???!!!??
The start of the week was terrible here with a mega dust storm that blew in through every little crack of my 100 year old homestead - I still haven't cleaned all of the red dirt up yet and its been a week!!!... Then Friday was ridiculously hot with temps up in the high 40's and now Saturday it's overcast and a pleasant 25'C with a few drizzles of rain here and there...

Crazy - right????!!!??? What's it like at your place???
(view out my front gate on Sunday arvo)
So, with all of this 'crazy' weather about I packed my girls up and we headed into town for an afternoon at our amazing local library....
The Cobar Library really 'rocks'!!!
The quality of their books is amazing and I love the fact that they are always ready to lend a hand whenever need be - like on this particular day when my little Millie wanted a book about Autumn,
and my Connie-girl was in desperate need of several 'horse-y' books....
The gorgeous librarian simply smiled and helped away, for a good hour too mind you, a real sweet-heart... :)

We're so lucky to have such an awesome place to hang out, don't you think???


  1. Totally Jodie...the weather is crazy and local country libraries really do rock x

  2. It's very cold here! At night it's freezing 8 degrees ore more and the temperature at day do not rise above zero! It's hard to believe that at your place it's very hot.
    Many greetings from a cold country
    in Europe (the Netherlands)

  3. I'm not too far from you Jodie and we have had hot and quite a bit of wind this week too. I do believe I had goosebumps this morning though...just lovely!

  4. we didn't get the cool day you had yesterday but it sure was nicer then others..........32 forecast for today........just going to clean up from the dust storm last sure does creep in every crack......we have a great library's a great spot til kill some time when you live out of town........

  5. The weather has been crazy! We've had scorching temps, the weekend cool, it's raining as I type this (thank goodness!). No dust storm for us though :)

    Hanging out at the library on a hot day is a pretty good way to beat the heat ;)

  6. You are lucky to have a good library, some are better than others. Our weather was just perfect today, not too hot, not too cold! We have been so lucky compared to other parts of the country.

  7. We love our library too Jodie! Books are the best!
    Our weather has been a little inconsistent (minus the dust storm) but we are going swimming most days at the beach or in the pool.

  8. Libraries are awesome (says she who works in one). So much to do and all for free!!
    Weather crazy here too - 45C one day 22C the next!!!
    Stay cool/warm/sane

  9. We have been having freezing temps here in New Jersey. It was 5 degrees this morning! It is suppose to be 40 degrees next week.... funny how I am looking forward to it. Love the website!

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