Saturday, January 12, 2013


I've seen the Milo pattern around blog-land for quite some time now and have been meaning to give it a try. So, during the last few months of my recent pregnancy I got the chance to whip a couple up...
The green one below is made using Debbie Bliss EcoBaby Cotton (less then 1x50g ball) and I made the Newborn size. It's such a bonus that this little vest/singlet pattern comes in such a large range of sizes - by purchasing just 1 pattern I can now make Milo's for all of my kids (sizes nb, 4 and 6), AWESOME!!!
The only negative I found with the Milo was that because you get so many sizes on the 1 pattern it tends to make it a little 'busy'. I felt a little lost at times while knitting - but then again that just might have been my 'baby brain'... :) 
All in all the Milo is a super quick and easy knit that I look forward to making again!!!! 
milo 1
I fell in love with the nappy cover tutorial by Dana Made when Millie was only a baby and knew that a couple of these would definitely be on the cards for Bub #3. Thanks to a recent trip to Spotlight and some seriously cute boys prints making their way home with me Tobie now has a couple of his own...
Can you believe how hot it is at the moment????
As I sit at my computer, tying up this post, the temperature here on our farm is well and truly over 45'C - HOT!!!
We were lucky enough to have a cool change here on Tuesday with it only reaching just over 30'C for the day - cool enough to venture out in the paddock, in the middle of the day, to check on some cows...
cows 1
It is so dry out here!!! We've had hardly any rain for the past 6 months and could really do with some good storms... 1200+ hectares went up in flames on a property down the road last week - thank goodness no one was hurt and the fire is all out now...
How are things where you are??? I hope that everybody is keeping safe and out of the heat...


  1. feeling the heat here too.........last time I looked it was 42 at 1pm...........crazy weather........and yes soooooo dry........stay safe have been wondering about you with all the fries out west.........some big acres burnt.......

  2. It's so dry everywhere at the moment. We've been lucky that were having a cooler weekend by the look of other states.

  3. We are having very hot days, but also enjoying a nice cool change between them so it doesn't feel that bad.
    Those little pants are cute. I find tikki's patterns a little confusing at time with so many patterns at a time (that one that you made is the Adam though) I can now knit the Milo with my eyes closed I have done it that many times.

  4. It's to be up in the 60's (F) today. Very warm. Warm enough to take all the outside Christmas lights down.

  5. We had 20 cm of snowfall in one night and it is -20 C here....

  6. So glad to hear the fires didn't get too close. We are so spoilt in town and air conditioning and plenty of water.
    Thinking of you all on the land :)


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