Monday, January 28, 2013


Over Xmas we headed down into Victoria to visit some good friends for a couple of days. While down South we popped into a gorgeous 'pick-your-own' strawberry farm and came home with a bounty of the freshest, plumpest, sweetest strawberries I have ever tasted in my entire life!!!
After eating our way through at least 10 kg I decided to try my hand at some strawberry jam with the remaining 5 kg.... It was a huge success and I made 16 jars!!!! Many of the visitors to our farm over the past month left with a jar of jam under their arm after falling in love with its taste on scones for arvo tea... :) 
Now, a month later, I'm down to my very last jar...
jam 1
This is the most amazing strawberry jam I've ever tasted!!! I'll definitely credit its awesome flavour to the fabulous fruit that we picked. You see I have made strawberry jam before but instead of freshly picked fruit I used several punnets from the supermarket and must say the end result was good but nothing to write home about...
Every morning for the past 5 weeks my whole family has been enjoying jam. Be it on toast, pancakes, crumpets or muffins - you name it we're eating it, with jam - yummo!!!
So, here's my recipe....
Strawberry Jam
This recipe is for 5kg of fruit because that's what I had. Divide the recipe according to what quantity of fruit you have.
juice of 4 lemons (helps to set the jam)
 1/2 cup of water
5kg strawberries (green bit removed)
4kg white sugar
Place water, lemon juice and strawberries in a large pot. Bring to the boil, cook for 15mins. Add sugar, bring to boil stirring constantly until sugar is dissolved. Cook at a rolling boil until setting point is reached. Pour into sterilised jars and seal. Eat straight away or keep in the pantry for up to 12months (if you can)...
Do you have a favourite 'pick-your-own' place???


  1. Yum Jodie! Love the photo with the cat! x

  2. Yum! There's nothing like homemade jam. I go raspberry picking in kinglake when I can get myself organised.

  3. Oh yum! I love strawberry jam and picking my own is something on my to-do list. Enjoy your last jar.

  4. From 16 jars, to one! I'm glad to hear you've been sending them off with visitors. Recipe sounds great. Love your blog. Nice work!

  5. I have made strawberry jam, apple jelly, red raspberry jam and blackberry jam, as well as apple butter, peach and pear butters. I made tomato jelly once, it was good and very different. My daughter makes a hot green pepper jelly which is wonderful over cream cheese on crackers. It makes a great appetizer for gatherings.
    Susanne :)

  6. Such a simple recipe too. And i'm with you, fresh picked fruit makes the best preserves.
    I made blueberry jam a while back after picking the fruit ourselves.
    Your cat looks like he wants to try some of the famous jam too.

  7. Hi Jodie,

    Firstly a very belated Congrats to you and your family on the addition of Toby; I hear he is so gorgeous. I've been meaning to drop in and see him but alas where does the time go.....the jam on toast looks delicious and yes the little kitten at the bottom looks like it's waiting for a drop to catch. Take care, Ann

  8. Wow, looks so good and easy to make. My kids just were asking about making strawberry jam. Will have to try, strawberry season here isn't until June!

  9. The jam does look delish and the recipe is great. I was wondering though do you need to put the sealed jam into a water bath or Fowlers Vacola Preserving Unit? I only ask because some people say it needs to be done if keeping for a long period without refrigeration to avoid spoilage. I love the amount of garments you manage to knit with such a busy life. Jennie


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