Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Cats and Knitting...

During the last few weeks on my pregnancy with Tobie I was a bit of a knitting machine - most of it I'm yet to photograph but this week as the mornings became cool again, even if only for a moment, I found myself bringing the hand knitted goodies out, the ones that I created during that beautiful nesting time - the final trimester of my pregnancy....
This is the Puerperium. I knit it using 80g of Malabrigo Rios - a DK, almost worsted weight yarn, in the sweetest shade of blue.... I followed the newborn pattern exactly and it fits my 10 week old baby boy just perfectly!!!!! I love this little top so much that I've cast on for one in the Ravelry Red shade as well...
Although it's still quite hot here I just can't seem to get past my knitting obsession!!! Everywhere I sit there's a little basket beside my chair filled to the brim with yet another project that I'm itching to finish in time for the cooler months - a new cardigan in Noro for me, a school jumper for my big Connie girl in Malabrigo Rios, a squishy cowl in Malabrigo Worsted for Millie, cotton ripple blankets for 2 of the 6 beds in our home, gloves for a special friend, a 2013 Winter beanie for the man of our house and the softest lace scarf for a very special lady in the new Malabrigo Silkpaca pictured below.... For the lace scarf I'm using the Paris Night shade on the bottom row in the picture below - simply divine!!!!
So, of a late afternoon while I sit in the garden, knitting, my girls aren't too far away..... On one side of the yard Connie colours in, as you often see her doing, with her biggest boy not too far from her side...
cats 1
And on the other side of the yard Millie sits, waiting ever so patiently for her tea party guest to arrive....
cats 2 cats 3
This cat lady sure has left an imprint on her little girls - they simply love their cats too..... xxx

(for details on the Silkpaca be sure to check out my Facebook page)


  1. You sure were busy knitting.
    Your cat sure loves getting in on the activities.

  2. That blue is just perfect. I too have been knitting quite a bit lately. Might be to do with the very slight shift to cooler weather here. Your cat seems to be enjoying it too!

  3. Oh, that little sweater is so cute...I always love the things you knit up because they are simple in their lines but gorgeous in the fibers you choose and the colors are always just right.
    I cannot do anything with yarn in the heat unless I have the ac on! It's Winter here now but in the Summer I would love to sit outside but it is just TOO hot! Maybe Springtime or Fall but this last summer that yarn would have been squeaking over the needles! LOL! And stretched all out of shape I'm sure!
    Give your girls and that little man a hug for me... I bet he's getting big...and those long legs of his, he's probably walking already! LOL!

  4. The little cardigan is just adorable! I love the look of the new yarn and your list of knitting projects sounds very exciting. Those 2 kitties look like our Bella who is an over affectionate cat most of the time!

  5. Hi Jodie, you are very clever with your knitting, it is incredible! Are you back at school? We start tomorrow, good luck and happy home schooling for another year! Thanks for calling into my blog earlier too x

  6. Great Knitting Jodie, the photos of the girls are a bit deceiving..they make it looks so lovely and cool but I'm sure it is not.

  7. Oh my, i knitted a cushion cover once ... that's about it. Never worked out how to pick up the stitches i dropped. Great inspiration though ... i may try to get knitting in time for winter. Love your photographs, particularly the inclusion of the cats. Ours makes his way into many a photography, too. Lovely post.


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