Thursday, June 27, 2013


I love me a good crochet project and there's none better, in my eyes, than a crochet blanket...
sierra 3 
My go to crochet blanket pattern at the moment is Attic 24's 'Ripple' - I simply love how quick and easy this pattern is to hook up yet it's so effective once finished...
sierra 4
My blanket making yarn of choice would have to be Cascade Sierra... This yarn is a dream!!! It's 80% Cotton and 20% Wool making it perfect for everyday wear and chucking in the washing machine when the need arises... The blanket has been used and loved by my 4yr old for almost a year now, machine washed and line dried many a times and it still looks new - gotta love that... :)

Do you have a favourite crochet project??? What about a favourite blanket?


  1. Gorgeous... I used the same pattern and yes very easy to use xxx

  2. I even got the crochet hook out last week.. first time in ... oh dear, probably over a year!.. I enjoy reading what you get up to, each and every week.

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  4. Ooooh I loved that colours!!!! Sooooo beautiful!!!
    Hugs from Argentina!!!

  5. That is a beautiful blanket Jodie. I love the colours.
    I am hooking a zig zag afghan at the moment but by only hooking into the back of the stitch it is giving it a 3D effect (thanks Pinterest). It is looking great!

  6. Hi Jodie. Just found your blog after my sister in law ( Courtney, she says she went to school with you) I am currently crocheting my little boy a ripple blanket using this pattern, it's a great pattern. Love he colours you've used in yours :)


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