Saturday, July 6, 2013

Feeling Special....

I feel super special this morning as I enjoy home-made tomato relish from a very dear friend on fresh baked bread...
There really is something special about home-made gifts, they're from the heart and just seem to taste that whole lot sweeter - don't you think??? :)
This week on the farm we've been busy putting some seed in the ground, a little late I guess but something is better than nothing - right?!?!!
20130701_142729 20130701_142720
And we've also been busy mustering in some lambs for market...
3 kids and myself have been loaded up on the trusty ol' 4 wheel motor bike for 3 days now - slowly bringing in the sheep... Tomorrow DH will truck some lambs off to market - fingers crossed they sell well for us...
On the 'shop' front I've got some super soft baby alpaca lace weight yarn by Malabrigo on Sale check it out on my website -
silkpaca 1 
And if you're in the mood for a GIVE-AWAY, pop on over to my Facebook page and you could be the lucky enough to take home these hats...
heathers 3


  1. You ARE special! What a nice gift ....the best kind in my book! I like your book too....I love all the Keep Calm and Carry On variations. I wish I could buy yarn from you and sign up for your drawings but I'm afraid we would both suffer from the high cost of postage.
    Your little guy is getting so big and the girls too!
    I've been planning my Year of Projects on the Come Blog Along group on Ravelry that runs from July to July for a Year of Projects. There's so much I want to do! Thanks to you and your inspiring blog I now consider myself a knitter along with crocheting but I still don't do beautiful work like you. Give all those young'uns a big hug!

  2. You are right about feeling special with homemade anything. The hats are beautiful, however I am one of those folks who don't use facebook. Enjoy!


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