Friday, January 3, 2014

feeling V E R Y spoilt

I just love getting surprises in the mail ---- don't you? 
This week saw the arrival of my long awaited Swap parcel from Kimberley. Kim lives in New Zealand and unfortunately they're currently experiencing some MAJOR ISSUES with their postal service (this parcel took a whopping 4 weeks to reach me so you can imagine I was pretty thrilled to see it arrive out here at the farm, safely, at the start of the week)... 
How adorable is this wrapping paper - reminds me of the gorgeous papercut work that Rob Ryan does, don't you think?
swap 1
And look at what was inside, a perfect square of pink-y goodness - a washer made for me for the 'Xmas Washer Swap'...
swap 2
And how sweet is this little card which was also attached?!!
swap 3
Here's the washer laid out flat - I just love how this variegated pink cotton has worked up Kim - it's beautiful...
swap 4
And here's the little ornament that she stitched for me as well...
swap 5
Thanks Kim!!! All of my Swap goodies are just PERFECT!!!
Have you received anything special in the Post over the past couple of weeks too???


  1. A jury duty form to be "on call"

  2. So pleased it finally arrived and that you love it! I love the Sugar'n'creme cotton used to knit it! Am still (patiently?!) waiting for my package from Australia. It must get here soon!!!

  3. Really fun spot I stumbled upon. I dont blog but chase crochet patterns often as to how I got here. So glad I did , I will be back. Thanks for the smiles @ 2:45 am; -) Grace


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