A Big Thankyou

Thankyou to everyone out there who offered me advice with my spinning. An especially big thankyou goes out there to my mum for spending most of her afternoon today researching different techniques of spinning for me.

I was a bit under the weather today so I decided that it would be a good idea if I stayed home. My plan was to relax and spend some quiet time with my daughter, kind of. First up my little princess wasn't well either so she slept from 10am to 2pm, that gave me 4hrs to myself. What was I to do? I decided to utilise this time and headed to my sewing room. I construct the top of my Doll Quilt, it didn't take as long as I thought it would. Here it is

I'm still yet to add the border. I just love log cabin and it's so much easier then it looks. All you do is start off with a square what ever size you want, mine is 2'x2', and just keep sewing strips down the sides, round and round, measuring and cuting as you go.
After I'd finished that I retired to the lounge and hooked into some more knitting while I waited for my little darling to wake up. My first mitten following the pattern that I posted last week was horrible. The pattern just feels all wrong!!! Maybe it's the knitter not the pattern. I ended up pulling it undone and starting from scratch, making up a pattern as I went. This is what both mittens look like, the first one being the one that I have unwound....

Anyway, I'm itching to get stuck back into my spinning now that I'm feeling much better, so I'll sign off for tonight and catch you all tomorrow.
Today's 'Get Happy Now' Tip #16 - Recognise that bad hair days have the potential to bring down the best of us. Find and keep a good hair dresser.


  1. hey jode,
    look at that cute knitting baby.... Sorry to hear u were unwell...bet it was nice to get some craft time in...can't wait to here about ur spinning instructions.... how exciting...
    luv Abby

  2. I'm all better now! I can't wait to get my spinning instructions either. Knowing Mandie I should have them within the next couple of days.

    Love JoJo

  3. Glad you're feeling better!
    We are all 'yuck' too this week.
    School holidays start this weekend, i might give you a call for some 'easy' instructions for the kids to make some scarves or something. (scarves are the easiest right??)

    Talk to you soon

  4. Hi Jode,
    How are you? I got the link for your blog from Jen's site - hope you dont mind.
    I really enjoy your blog (i didnt realise that you are so creative) but i especially love your tips.
    See you next time i am in Cobar.

  5. Jodie - I've done it!
    Come over to 'Bells' and have a look...

  6. Hi Jen,
    Yeah, to get you started a scarf would be best. I checked out your blog, and once again... Good Luck! I hope your tribe is feeling better by school holidays time.

    Love Jodie

  7. Hi Jes,
    Thanks for checking me out! I'm glad you like my tips, I try to think of something new every day. How's your new fly in fly out job been treating you? I bet your missing your boys.


  8. This log cabin is really cool! I like the setting you're using.

  9. Hi Marisa,
    Thanks! It took me forever to place the 4 blocks in this pattern. When you look at something for as long as I looked at this everything just seems like a blur. Have you received your doll quilt swap partner yet?


  10. Hi Jodie! thanks for the ideas of embroidered tea-towels for all of my ticking, as well as pincushions (and I have just thought of another thing - doorstops!) I love it! Reading through your post on the log-cabin doll quilt (also love that), I have never read anyone say how easy they are by just sewing strips around, then measuring and cutting! They have always intimidated me due to foundation piecing etc, but your method is my kind of method!

  11. I love the colors in your log cabin blocks. I can't wait to see the finished doll quilt. (I'm working on my first one and I can already tell it's quite addictive!)


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