House Day....

Because I work full time, Monday to Friday 9:ooam-ish to 4:30pm,Saturday is my so called 'house day'. It's the one day of the week that I get to catch up on all of those mundane tasks like cleaning, washing etc... I also do my weekly shopping and then at the end of the day try to spend some time in my sewing room, just me and my sewing machine, sometimes my little princess joins me. In my sewing room this afternoon I got to start and finish the front panel for my pinkwork bag.I'm helping my husband put up my garden shed tomorrow morning so hopefully I will get my bag finished tomorrow afternoon.

Today's 'Get Happy Now' Tip #6 - Learn how to say NO! Practice it when you're by yourself until your good at saying it to others.


  1. hey jode,
    wow the bag looks amazing so far...your talent blows my mind....
    happy sewing this weekend..can't wait to see it finished...
    luv Abby the comments workingon my new blog


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