Spinning Out Of Control

Can Someone Please Help!!!!!
I bought a spinning wheel from a clearing sale about 3 months ago and decided to give spinning a go. I received my first lot of fibre for spinning yesterday. I bought it from here, http://www.ewegivemetheknits.com/store/Default.asp. Thankyou very much Mandie (she owns the shop), the fibre is just divine! Three days after I had placed my order it was in my post box, now that's efficient. So I have my fleece, I've researched spinning on the web, it's time to start. Last night I set up my wheel and was ready to go. Boy it's a lot harder then I thought, God only knows if I am doing it right!!! I followed a tutorial off http://www.spindleandwheel.com, this is what I have come up with so far...

If there are any spinners out there reading this post can you please tell me if what I'm doing is right??? It feels like I have too many twists in my fibre. I'm not sure if I'm spinning too much of the fibre at one time??? Somebody please help me.....

On a happier note... I have finally started the pair of mittens for my little princess in that red wool that I had in my stash, I posted the pattern last week. The wool that I'm using is such a pleasure to knit with, I wish I had more then just 100g of it.

Today's 'Get Happy Now' Tip #15 - Learn something new. Whether it's a new hobby (spinning) or a new dance. Just find a new interest & go for it!!!


  1. hey jojo,
    I love that wool....what a cool colour and it looks so soft..... I cant believe ur learning to spin...I am sooo jealous...
    luv Abby

  2. Wow... I know nothing about spinning, but watching you learn will be amazing! I'm sure you'll have it down to a fine-art in no time at all!

    One thing crafty that i would love to try (i haven't found a class yet) is pottery (on the spinning thing) Have you ever done that?

    Good luck with it all, you clever thang you! xxoo Jen

  3. Hi Ab,
    Yeah, the wool's really soft! I'm struggling a bit with my spinning but hopefully it will come to me with a bit of practice.

    Love JoJo

  4. Hi Jen,
    I love pottery too! I have always wanted to do it, I'm yet to find a class or a teacher. Maybe there might be some tutorials on the net that could get us started.

    Love Jodes

  5. I just typed up a very wordy response to your plea for spinning help and managed to lose the lot!
    I have a better idea now - will pop it in the mail for you :-)
    Thank you for the link - glad you like your fibres!

  6. I see Mandie has come to your rescue. I know it sounds corny but really "It won't happen over night". It's takes quite a while to be able to treadle and work your hands at the same time. I really is very much like learning to ride a bike. Stick with it. One day very soon, you'll just 'get it'. Then you'll be away. We all had weird looking rope-y stuff when we started. I promise you'll be spinning beautifully if you can just have the patience to stick with it for a while.

  7. Hi Mandie,
    Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou!!! I can't wait to get your spinning advice in the post...


  8. Hi Dot,
    Thanks for replying to my comment and checking out my blog. I guess I just have to be a bit more patient. I thought it was going to be a walk in the park but just like everything else, practice makes perfect...
    Once again, thankyou very much!



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