O.K... I know that I've been a bit slack with the posts over the last couple of days, but a lot of things have been going on in my little world. For starters my DH and I have just purchased a new property, we officially received the keys on Thursday morning so we've been flat out organising things there. Then I started setting up an online store with my sister-in-law Stephi (I'll let you know more about it later) and in between all of that I've still been working full time, trying to keep an organised house, and also fit in a bit of knitting time. Are you exhausted yet??

Here are the mittens I finished for my little princess. I also promised everyone the pattern so here it is...

cast 28sts onto size 3.0mm dpn's.
k2, p2 until work measures 1.5" (this is the rib).
next row inc by 4 sts evenly around(32sts)
Knit until work measures 3.5" (including rib).
K6, K2together (4 times).
Knit until work measures 4.5" (including rib).
K5, K2together (4 times).
Next row Knit.
K4, K2together (4 times).
Next row Knit.
K3, K2together (4 times).
K2, K2together (4 times).
K1, K2together (4 times).
K2together (4 times).
Cut a tail about 5" long and thread through remaining stitches twice, pull tight. Sew in ends using a darning needle. These mittens will fit child 6-12mths.

I started my first pair of socks last night. I just couldn't get the join in the round right and I kept dropping stitches, after 4 attempts at casting on here is what I've done so far.
I'm using the pattern off the link that mandie gave me, so far so good.

Can everyone remember the little jiffy pots that I made about 3 weeks ago out of news paper? Well, my snow peas are growing great guns. They're about 5" tall now and nearly ready to be planted out. I love watching the stages of a plants growth, it's so amazing!!!

Today's 'Get Happy Now' Tip #21 - Work late no more than once a week.


  1. hey Jode,
    Great news on the property AND the online store.... where do you find the time?? hehe.... the plants look great.... cant wait to see your harvest...
    luv Abby

  2. Thanks Ab!! I can't wait for the harvest either, I love fresh, sweet, crispy snow peas straight from the vine.

    Love JoJo

  3. Hi JoJo - hope you dont mind - got your link off of Abby's blog. Thanks so much for the mitten pattern - I have a little nephew due in September so they will be the perfect size for him next year! Will let you know how I go. Come and say hi if you like - http://craftedbykylie.blogger.com

  4. Geez... you seem like you're so busy at the moment. Don't forget to take a little time out for yourself though, because mums really are the 'back-bone' to everything. DH and bubby are SO lucky to have you as their back-bone, you are doing a fantastic job juggling all of those things.

  5. Hey Jode,
    If you havent done it already you should check out kylies site.... she has just posted the cutest boottee pattern.....
    luv Abby

  6. Hi kylie,
    Thanks for popping by and checking out my blog!

    Hi Jen,
    tell me about it!!! I've been flat out. I can't complain though, I'm absolutely loving it. I guess that I must be one of those people who thrive on being busy.
    I try to have one day a week that is dedicated to just ME time, that seems to work really well.

    Hi Ab,
    I just checked her out. Those booties are just too cute and the pattern is so simple. I'm going to make a couple of pairs to see how they turn out.

    Love JoJo

  7. These pots are very creative. I'll have to try some. My garden is going nuts right now, but this would be a cool way to start off some baby plants I think. Your knitting is beautiful as well.

  8. Hi Marisa,
    Thanks!! I found the idea for the little jiffy pots on Whip-up. My garden's laying a bit dormant at the moment, it's winter here in good old Oz.
    Thanks for the knitting compliment. I'm pretty new to the whole knitting scene but am absolutely loving it!!



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