Tuesday, July 17, 2007

It's A Start

My little princess is sick today with the flu so we both have decided to stay home. I've had a chance to make a start at those overalls that I've been wanting to make. A great tip that my mum taught me when I first started making clothes from patterns is to trace around the size of the pattern that you want using baking paper. That way you aren't wrecking your pattern if you want to use it again later on down the track. I always leave an extra 1cm of baking paper around the pattern when I pin it to the fabric. This makes it easier when I'm cutting out the fabric. Here is my pattern all cut out using baking paper.....I love this pattern!!! It's so easy to understand and it sews up super quick. I'm already on the home stretch to finishing my overalls and it's only been 2 hours since I started. My only hold up is that I've run out of press studs. 4 more studs to go and I'll be finished.... I'll leave the big reveal for when they are completely finished. In the mean time..... I've been anxiously checking my mail box daily waiting for my Doll Quilt to arrive from the swap. I sent my quilt on the 11th of this month so hopefully it should reach it's destination (New York City)any day now. Here is a sneak peak at what my quilt label looked like (it's on the back of the quilt)....


  1. awesome work jojo... you sure have been busy..... cant wait to see your finished quilt.... hope my little neice is feeling better now...
    luv aunty ab

  2. Gosh you're clever! I love stopping by to see what you've been creating and I'm never disappointed!! You're amazing :-)
    Hope your little Princess is feeing better soon - love your new haircut too :-)

  3. Apparently I lost my last comment in blogland. If this comes through twice - my apologies...

    Nice job on the bibs - I am so impressed with the amount of sewing you manage to get done with small children - At that point in my life (my youngest is now 15) - I was in survivor mode - barely maintaining ...nice job.

  4. Hi Ab,
    I think that I might make the quilt for my little princess for xmas. How did you go with your Doll Quilt?

    Hi Mandie,
    Thanks!!! I feel the same way when I pop by your blog. You're always full of inspiration.

    Hi Alaina,
    I think that sometimes I'm only just hanging in there by a thread too... I just keep chuggin along I guess


  5. Hi!

    I received my quilt! Thank you so much I love it! You did a wonderful job with it! I blogged about it here!
    Thank you, thank you, thank you! ^_^


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