Thursday, July 5, 2007

Sock Progress

I've still been slowly knitting away at those socks that I started on Saturday. I'm practically on the home stretch of the first one now. I'm pasted all of the hard parts, I hope, only smooth sailing from here.

It's really hard taking a picture of your own foot, I hope you get the idea. I'm absolutely loving these socks!!! They feel so good on and are just the perfect length, about 8" up my leg. All that's left to do is about another 100 rounds of knit and then the toe. Who would of thought that knitting socks would be so much fun...

I've got some really great links to some fantastic blogs that I'll have to share with everyone tomorrow so don't forget to pop by.

Today's 'Get Happy Now' Tip #24 - Organise a get together with your closest friends.The most important ingredient in finding happiness is friends (and family).


  1. hey Jode,
    Love the socks they are turning out soooo cute and funky... cant wait to see the finished product... I am sooo excited for you.... love the get happy tip its always a sure fire pick me up when you get all your fave people together...
    luv Abby

  2. You're incredible Jodie - just amazing! The sock looks great. You've inspired me to take a deep breath and try again.....soon!
    Thank you so much for the card that arrived here today - your sweet words really made my day :-)
    Very kewl card too, T and I checked out their website and watched the Red Tractor drive across the screen!

  3. Hi Ab,
    Thanks!! I thought it was an appropriate tip seen as though I'm doing just that this weekend. You're right, it's always the best pick me up.

    Love Jojo

  4. Hi Mandie,
    Great news that you're going to brave the sock world again!!

    I absolutely love Red Tractor. I found and met Racheal (the designer) about 3 yrs ago through a mutual friend. She's unbeleivable!! I loved her work that much that she even designed the stationery for my wedding 2 yrs ago. The original design that she painted is now framed and hanging in my house.
    I'm always ordering little packages from her site and her postage is really quick. Another bonus, she donates alot of her profits to the RFDS (royal flying doctors service), we rely on them up here as the closest physician is over 3 hours away. They fly in everyday, what would we do without them.
    She's based in the beautiful country NSW town Mudgee.


  5. love the socks - we need some of those here in melbourne for sure!!!!!

  6. I love the socks! It's like your feet will be wrapped in yummy strips of chocolate and vanilla. Yummm.

  7. ohhhh they look fab! I haven't been able to succeed with socks yet...plenty of sock yarn just hadn't mastered the dpn's with fine day one day

    Well done

  8. Hi Joanne,
    Thanks for the comment.
    I know what you mean, Melbourne is such a cold place.
    These socks are the greatest, so nice and toasty. Have you knitted socks before?


  9. Hi Corrie,
    I was the same!!! You should check out the link I posted for these socks last Saturday. It's great! Really easy to understand. A great thing about the pattern is that it decifers it into all yarn sizes. My mum made them up in an 8ply and they turned out divine... Super thick and she said they were super easy to knit up on the dpn's, not as fiddly as normal sock yarn. Trust me!!! You should really give it a go.


  10. Hi Sara,
    I know!!! I drool everytime I look at this sock yarn. I just love it.



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