Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Done and Dusted.....

I made a couple of outfits for my little princess over the weekend for her to wear over the festive season to parties etc... but you'll have to wait til my next post for the pictures as my beloved camera has decided to go on strike for the afternoon. I did manage to save this blurred pic from my camera before it malfunctioned of some flowers that my DH gave me last Friday at work, isn't he just the sweetest...While I was uploading the flower pic I found this pic that I took and forgot to post of the storms we had last week...It's of the dam in my front paddock and as you can see it's VERY full. I just love Summer storms, we had 96mm of rain last week and then another 13mm last night and it's looking pretty promising again this afternoon so maybe we might get another storm tonight. My lawn has never been greener. Maybe this might be the start of the droughts end???? What rain fall has everybody else been having lately??

To update you all on the Fabric front.... I'll be placing my order with the supplier in the next couple of days. They have assured me that it only takes a couple of days to get to me, so when I receive it I'll post some pic's of it all to give everyone one last drool before I wrap it up and post it off to those of you who are wanting to purchase some with me.

I have some really exciting news in the pipeline that I'm dying to fill you all in on. I must wait til things are set a bit in concrete before I unseal my lips. So til then I'll leave you with a clue..... It's big, it's definitely a lifestyle change I guess you could say and last but not least I'M REALLY EXCITED ABOUT IT!!!!!!!!! So stay tuned for my surprise.... ;)


  1. gosh..I want to know it now :)

    On the rain front...well Melbourne is a city and for some reason you don't really notice it..as in...there are no dams to fill, paddocks to keep wet etc. We were in country VIC last weekend and although it isn't as dry as last year...it still looks pretty yellow...

  2. Can't wait to hear your big news!
    We've had a little bit of rainfall here in Northern Vic...but still not enough. Fingers crossed the heavens open up soon :-)

  3. It does sound exciting Jodie and I can't wait to hear about it. Will it be too late to get fabric if you completely missed the last post?

  4. Are you pregnant?
    Everyone asks that right?
    You are sooooo mean to keep us in suspense.
    Or are you moving?
    You can't do that unless you are moving closer to me.....
    We've had great rains here too.
    I can hear the lawn growing from here.

  5. I can't wait to hear your news!!! You have definitely left me hanging on the edge of my seat. Looking forward to the fabric and glead you waited until after pay day! Love your jug the flowers are in.

  6. Hi, wandered over here form Chooky blue, great blog...I will have to add you to my list!!! Donna tells me I need bloglines, I am starting to agree!
    Looks like you and I are both keen on little bags and purses, great fun aren't they!! Your pencil holders look great too, all gorgeous, Tracey

  7. We haven't had rain for ages :(
    I have heard, however, that the drought is supposed to end so perhaps you are right. It's nice to hear someone is getting rain though!
    Can't wait to hear your good news.

  8. ohhh.. I can't wait for the fabric to arrive... I am sooo excited...
    luv Ab

  9. Glad to see that you are getting some of the rain - probably the wrong time of the year for the farmers - but I dont think that many of them are complaining - Rain is Rain in a drought hey!

  10. OMG, just found your blog and these gorgeous fabrics! So much cheaper than the pages I usually drool over (Superbuzzy, Kitty-Craft etc) way to find a cheap source!
    I'd love a metre each of the first 2 eg the blue background flowers and dragonfly, and a metre each of the monkey one and the little blue boy one.
    I'm in Sydney, let me know what else you need from me? and preferrd payment method etc etc
    Thanks again


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