Tuesday, December 11, 2007

YIPPEE!!!!! It's Finally Here......

Yes that's right, the Japanese fabric that I ordered last week arrived yesterday afternoon. Why is it that whenever you're waiting for something to come it always feels like an eternity before it actually gets to you?????
The following 4 fabrics are still $10 per metre and man-o-man they look and feel absolutely amazing in the flesh!!!!!

Now the next 4 are $12 a metre and are as equally divine.....The only fabric that I'm waiting on is Humpty Dumpty. My supplier accidentally mixed up Little Bow Peep with Humpty Dumpty and sent me out the wrong fabric, oh well I'm sure that I'll be able to find something to make with this gorgeous fabric, right????

Like I said in my previous post about this fabric, they're all 100% cotton Japanese prints measuring 115cm wide. If I haven't already been in contact with you via email and you'd be interested in buying some of this gorgeous fabric just leave me a comment or send me an email. I still have a couple of metres of all of the above fabrics left if anybody is interested in increasing their stash over the Xmas break!!!

Speaking of Xmas...... I joined an Ornament Swap this year. I've received 2 ornaments so far (I'll post some pic's later on in the week) and now my ornaments are finally ready to be posted, only 1 day late mind you!! 8 wonderful ladies out there have one of these ornaments heading their way to adorn their beautiful Xmas tree.

The initial of each lady is sewn onto the front of each ornament. I really hope that they all love them!!!

I made this little wrist pin cushion for one of my sisters for Xmas. She's wanting to learn how to sew so I'm trying to put together a little beginners sewing kit for her. Does anybody have any suggestions as to what I should put in her little kit???? I found the tutorial on SewMamaSew, it's by Planet June. It was super easy to make I might have to make myself one.

Last but not least..... I made this little outfit for my little princess this morning before work, well I didn't make the shirt I just embellished it but I made the shorts.

Now all of you mothers out there of toddler aged children..... How the HELL do you take a pic of them standing still????? My little princess just wanted to go around and around and around in circles. It was as though she was doing it on purpose!!! So These 2 pics are the best that I could do in a bad situation.... LOL... Oh how I love my little darlin'...Take Care Everybody and Happy Crafting!!!!! ;)


  1. LOL! I usually take about fifty or so pics and take the best ones. Mine doesn't sit still either.

  2. Hi Jodie, How about a tape measure and a quick unpick - actually a quick unpick is probably the most important!

  3. I'm with Jade - take about 20 odd photos and one might be ok! Is that the Spotlight purple spot fabric - I use that in all the different colours all the time but have the purple for a dress for Lucinda. I would LOVE 2 metres of the red babushka fabric if you can spare it's gorgeous!
    LOVE your ornaments. I have also received 2 and they are absolutely stunning - I'm soooo impressed. I will post when I get five minutes.

  4. oh my I am soooo excited the fabric is here.... I cn't wait to get my hands on it.... YAY... ohhhh and look at all the treasures you have been making you truly are the sewing whiz!!!!! I think a quick unpick some thread and a basic sewing guide unless it's for me then I have a much longer list.... hehe
    luv Ab

  5. sedation or bribery are my methods!
    for the sewing kit, um quick unpick, some buttons, thread, tape measure, little wee scissors?what gergous fabric, pitty i'm on a fabric diet, but thanks for the eye candy!

  6. Love that fabric - will email re payment - have been pre occupied this last week.

  7. Thank you for your lovely ornament - I love the ricrac edging and the fact that it has my initial on it.

  8. your ornament looks lovely. i hope you'll like mine :)

  9. Hi Jodie,
    Yes I am still alive! The fabric is lovely I have so much fabric that I have to start to sew. I tell you. My husband is buried somewhere under my chenille-no joke! I wish a was smart when it comes to making clothes- but I am still young. I still behind with my blogging and leaving messages but I will get there!
    Melissa xxxxxxxxxx


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