Thursday, December 6, 2007

Festive Frillies

Here's one of the pic's that I promised of one of the dresses that I made my princess for the festive season this year....I love this fabric!!!! I bought it from Spotlight about a month ago for about $8 a metre. It feels so beautiful to sew with I can't wait to sew something else up with the scraps from this dress. Maybe a little doll quilt to go with Dotty from this post.... What do you think??? Here's a view of the back of the dress and how it does up....I've always been SO SCARED of zippers but ever since I tackled the fantastic pencil case tutorial that Jodie from Ric-Rac posted a couple of weeks back I discovered that there really wasn't anything to be scared about. I have so many 10 cent zippers that I've purchased from Op-Shops that it's great to finally put some of them to good use....

Now........................... What will be my next zipper project????? Have any suggestions?????????????????????

On a very un-zipper related craft front I whipped this little wallet/purse up this morning before work. It's for one of my sisters to add to her Xmas pressy. I know that she doesn't frequent blog land very often so I feel pretty safe posting a pic of it....

I got the tutorial off the Sew Mama Sew blogs 'Handmade Holidays' gift list. The tutorial came from the Craft bits website originally. My sister just loves everything pink!!! So hopefully she'll fall for the cute red and pink combo of this monkey fabric that I bought from Reprodepot a couple of weeks ago. If I made this wallet/purse again I'd probably use some kind of button to close it instead of Velcro.

Guess what......................................................

It's only 18 days til Xmas..................Can you believe it?????


  1. fabulous creations!! i love love love that dress :-) yippeee!! its almost christmas. I absolutely love this time of year :-)

  2. Rosalind Sew SydneyDecember 6, 2007 at 9:13 PM

    The dress is just magical. Perfect for Christmas time. Also so excited about your possible fabric selling. Just another excuse to buy fabric. : )

  3. Just Beautiful Jodie, your DD will look gorgeous in it.
    Now for another zipper project, have you tried those little zipper wristlets?
    Just two square pieces of fabric, add zipper and then sew all sides together. I'll send you a photo of one I just made.

  4. ohhhh lovely dress.... can't wait to see my little lishious in it.... and pink???? is it me cause I love pink??
    luv Abby

  5. Wow jodie the dress is really gorgeous and so well made. Ahh I remember when I had the time to sew cute things with zips in them! i love the wallet - it's very funky looking and how nice to have something completely original!

  6. the dress is so cute gorgeous fabric! and the wallet is fab! So glad to hear about the rain, we have had a fair bit in the last 24 hours in Tassie too which is a good thing.

  7. Cute goods! I think it would be nice to have a cute wallet to store credit cards and money in---instead of the ugly brown one that graces my purse!

  8. Love the dress- very talent girl ain't you! I sure she was one of the prettiest at the party!
    Melissa xxxxx

  9. By the way love he purse and I am scared of zippers too!
    Melissa xxxx

  10. No I can't believe it!! I love the little dress and fabric. I am still scared of zippers, and must concentrate on them during the hols as I'd like to be friends with them really.

  11. i like that wallet i will have to get you to make me one


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