Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Xmas Spirit.....

It feels like everywhere I turn on Blog land I'm overwhelmed by amazingly creative women who are filled with an enormous amount of Xmas Spirit. Seen as though I only joined the big wide world of blogging early this year this is the first Xmas I've spent in blog land and let me tell you all now..... I'm definitely IMPRESSED!!!!!! I've found so many great downloads for fantastic gift tags and ornaments not to mention the great tutorials for gift making. Here's some more of the Nested bibs that I made here....
I've put my own little twist on the whole 6 bibs that I made....... Can anybody tell what it is?????
Also..... Here's another one of those purl frogs that I made back here.
I think I've just about made all of the handmade gifts that I had on my to-do list for this year. The only one that is left to make is my sister's.... Now this is a REALLY HARD one..... I've made something already but now that it's all completed I'm thinking that maybe it's not quite her...... I have another project for her in the pipe-line, oh what to do, what to do??????? Sorry that I can't share any pics as she frequents this blog often, so no sneak peaks until after Xmas...... SORRY.....
Our local Carols by Candle Light were on Sunday night and as of last year (my little princess' first year) I decided to dress up every year for the occasion. Last year my little princess was a reindeer and this year she's an elf. This pic is a bit blurry but you get the idea.....
I got the idea for the little elf hat out of the book 'bend the rules sewing' by Amy Carol, I just love this book!!!!! The little dress was super easy I just made the pattern up myself. I embellished it with felt and Ric-Rac. All up it took me about 2 hours to make and my little princess absolutely loved wearing it. I even put little bells on her shoes so that she jingled as she walked..... Too Cute!!!!!

Can't wait to share some of my very own homemade Xmas decorations with you all next post..... Happy Xmas Crafting...... ;)


  1. Reversible bibs! Brilliant!

  2. The bibs are adorable! Is the twist that they are reversible? I stole that answer from the first comment, by the way! ;)

  3. Love the bibs - I went through a bib making stage - perhaps I will try this one for a friend who has had a baby. Lovely!

  4. Oh go girl!!! You are getting so organised and I love all the pics of the bibs. I've just finished another present but I still want to make more.

  5. ohhhh I think I know is it something that starts with "T" hehe.... if I am right it is because I am cheating. I am sure your nsisiter won't guess is you but a fabric hint..... hehe
    luv Ab

  6. that dress is so cute, and so is the girl in it - once again I have to say that you are one clever woman!

  7. There seems to be at least some japanese content in those bibs- another fantastic job jodie

  8. Love the elf hat and dress. She looks so gorgeous. Are you a time traveller? How are you getting it all done? XX

  9. Oh how gorgeous is your little one in that outfit - Love the bibs as well! Great job (maybe I should add them onto my post-Christmas crafting list!)

  10. You're so productive with the crafting! I've still got another two to make for and one of them is my sister, too. Another one who's a bit difficult to get anything for. May be you can send some tips my way. :-)

  11. Just a quick Merry Christmas wishes to you and your family. Have a great holiday and I know everyone will treasure your lovely gifts. XX

  12. Merry Christmas!!! Hope the acreage is green and the tanks are full!!
    And a totally wonderful New Year!!!
    Keep up the sewing I love checking your lastest designs!!!!!

  13. Oh! You are a talented lady. The bibs and froggy! And I love the elve-your daughter is a cutey!
    Love Mel!

  14. Gorgeous bibs, used to make my own once upon a time as well, should resurrect the pattern for my sister, hope you are busy holidaying and not having flood trouble, Tracey

  15. Jod!

    Just catching up on an age of backlogs. I've loved every post but this one especially.

    I am about to have bub #2 (baby boy) and LOVE the bibs in this post. Where did you get the pattern or would you sell some (just like the ones you made?)

    I can be emailed at sassymchassy at yahoo. com.au


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