Saturday, December 18, 2010

6 Days To Go!!!!!

This week in sewing class we've been working on some cute little dresses.... I have one in red on the go at the moment, perfect for Xmas day!!!! Can you believe that it's only 6 days until Xmas???? Well, for a change, I'm actually organised with only 1 thing left to do, sit back and enjoy this gorgeously festive time of year... How about you, have you got it all under control yet???
A big thank-you goes out to the 26 fantastic swappers that joined in on this round of my washer swap... There are still a few girls who are yet to post out, some due to flooding and others due to computer difficulties but all in all it has been a great swap...
Here's the washer that I made for my secret partner. I made it using 85% recycled Australian cotton, a gorgeous new product that I'll be stocking in my shop come the new year... Thanks to all bloggers who have put photos on their blogs of the goodies they created for the swap...
Becky has posted about the gorgeous parcel she sent and received here, Pesky Pixies has posted about her super cute Xmas-y washer here. Tracy has some great pictures up on her blog of the very generous swap parcel she sent her partner here. Fiona has posted here about what she made her partner, the mug rug is gorgeous and really worth a look... Toni has a sneak peak at the start of what she made her partner here. Over here, Cosmic-creepers has her parcel all wrapped up and sent and some super pictures of what her partner sent to her... Jules has posted her washers over here along with some sweet little crochet Xmas decorations. Sharon blogged about the lovely washer she made for her partner here, she even dyed some of the yarn herself, clever cookie... Jewells has a picture of the little angel washer that she designed for her partner here. And last but not least, Kylie has Raveled her amazing festive washer here.
For those swappers who do not have a blog, email me with some pics of your washcloths and I'll pop them up on my blog next week sometime for everyone to see...


  1. I love your dress, pity I can't get to sewing class so I can make one too :)

  2. very cute dress, perfect for summer!

  3. HI Jodi, have just emailed you again regarding the address for the swap.. I cant seem to get hold of you. My address is sharynnwilliams at

  4. Yep, it was posted out, just haven't cyber posted it!! You look too cute in that dress! Kx.

  5. I do love the dress and it will be so cool for summer and is the red one for Christmas day?

  6. I love your dress. I would love to make something like the for the girls. Something to cover the shoulders in our harsh sun.


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