Tuesday, December 28, 2010

New Friendship Forming....

As our Xmas visitors drive off down the road and the dust slowly settles we're blessed with some quite time to sit and reflect a little before we hit the road ourselves for a 'Family Adventure'...

There is a new friendship forming...
As we welcome our newest member to the family... She has long floppy ears...
Teen-y tiny whiskers....
A cute button nose....
And a personality to boot...
Her name is 'Paws'
And I think she'll fit in just fine around these parts, don't you???
Every year we like to try and get away somewhere 'new' for a family holiday. This year we're heading down to Canberra, tomorrow in fact, to introduce the girls to the big wide world of Science and Art. QUEST-A-CON is the first of many attractions on our list to visit..
Do you live in Canberra??? Is there anywhere that you think we would love to visit??? Do you know of any good yarn/craft shops??? What about a good op-shop???
See you in a week... xx


  1. How cute is your new little bunny!! My son went to Quest-A-Con in October on his Year 6 excursion and said it was 'awesome' - have a great holiday. xxx

  2. Addicted to Fabric in Phillip is a great fabric store, dressmaking and great patchwork. The Woolshed at Manuka is a great luxury wool store, not very inspiring but you'll find a good variety of wool. The DFO centre is a great place to shop for bargains too! Have fun, Canberra is a great place full of interesting places to explore for free. A cycle round the lake on Mr Spokes hire bikes is always fun too.

  3. Hi
    My son just moved to Canberra and I can't wait to visit him next year! Try googling Shop Handmade in Canberra, a wonderful shop by the sounds of it. My son bought me the new book Living Handmade from them for Christmas.
    Enjoy your holiday.

  4. Your bunny is gorgeous.I know your girls will get lots of enjoyment from her.........my girls sure do with ours...

  5. What an adorable bunny!

    Enjoy your holiday. I've heard that Quest-a-con is amazing.

  6. Your new family member is adorable!!! Questacon is great fun and the National Museum has some fun stuff (and boring stuff too!) and is free to get in (if I remember correctly??) Even though the girls are probably too young for the war memorial it is worth going for a walk around and looking down the avenue, really an amazing place, the same with new parliament house. Hobbysew at Belconnen (in westfield shopping centre ) has lovely staff and used to have a great range of fabric and craft supplies - Sylvia the blogger runs classes there. If you get to the Handmade shop I will be really interested in what you find. Have fun and enjoy your adventure!

  7. Oh Paws is so adorable. Enjoy your time in Canberra!

  8. Enjoy Canberra Jodie! The glass blowing factory is excellent!!!!! They have demos and show you have different kinds of techniques make different effects. The kids really love it.

  9. How cute is he.

    Have a great trip to Canberra.

  10. Oh! My I think I want a bunny. My Zoe has been asking for a pet for a long, long time. Is it bunny time? We will see. Have a great trip.

  11. Bunny on the easel--how cute! :)

  12. Awww, gorgeous bunny! Hope you are having a lovely break - it sounds most exciting. Happy New Year to you.

  13. Hope that you are enjoying your holiday. If you manage to get upto Nicholls there is a village there that has lots. A garden store an old fashioned toy store and a patchwork shop.


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