Monday, December 13, 2010

Happy List....

With the rain comes wet wool and humidity and with that comes fly-strike...
So this week while we wait for the paddocks to dry out so we can finish harvest we mustered our old Merino Ewe's and bought them in for crutching....
Miss Millie was very excited to find a little lamb who was obviously missing a Mum....
And before we knew it these 2 were best of friends....
So we now welcome yet another poddy lamb to the tribe... *^_^*
And I must say that it's definitely at the top of my 'Happy List' for the week....
Some other things that are making me happy this week are - my 2 beautiful girls and my very strong husband, long phone calls to my mum in the middle of the night just because, beautiful fibres that I wouldn't have if it wasn't for my shop, the ever supportive blogging community and their gorgeous comments and lastly 'life'... Even though sometimes it really sucks I wouldn't be anywhere else doing anything else, I truly am lucky to live the life I do....
What makes you happy????


  1. Smiles on children's faces, especially my own. Spontaneous laughter. The love of others. Honest hard work and the joy you get from it. LIFE!
    I love the reading about your life and to see your pics. It is nice to see another way of living, than my own.
    Take care...

  2. I am so happy to find another wonderful blog to follow!!! I look forward to learning from your words. Have a great day!

  3. You are inspirational in your positive outlook!! What very sweet pictures of Millie ......
    Family makes me happy.....

  4. recently we have taken up the practice of discussing one thing we are grateful for at dinner time. i think it's so important for the kids and for us adults to know that even though you can have a bad day or things are not going well in your life, that there are things that you can still be grateful for. i guess it gives hope.
    i love your post - the pictures are gorgeous and the words are perfect. i just wish we could play with that lamb :)

  5. Great photo's Jodie... I myslef have a small flock of about 30 ''pet's'' some started as poddy lambs then they had lambs now some of them are having lambs... every now and then hubby tells me that there needs to be some moved out to the paddocks... I tell him to choose who goes who stays... they are all still here and adding to the flock each season hehehehe... life on the land is hard, stressful and great all at the same time xxx

  6. Millie looks so adorable with her new pet lamb! It must be hard at the moment waiting for the paddocks to dry out. I know my family makes me happy. Friends in real life and blogland make me happy too and of course being able to enjoy the serenity of knitting!

  7. That is the happiest little picture I have ever seen. I want a little lamb too!

  8. Oh Jodie!
    Things certainly are tough right now.
    I have heard farmers saying over and over on the radio how they would prefer drought to this any day.
    I am thinking of you guys all the time. I'm so pleased you could see past the crap to the happy stuff as well.
    LOVE those pics of your gorgeous Miss Millie.

  9. big love in the crazy times. hope the world turns easier for you soon.
    me - seeing my babies sleep

  10. I love your photos of Millie and her lamb. I can't believe how friendly it is towards her. Lambs are such wonderful pets. I had a little pet lamb at Grandma's. We called him "Tiny Tim". My mum had "Nanny" when she was a teenager. "Nanny" used to come into the house each morning to get Mum out of bed. Nanny was a pet all of her life and wasn't interested in other sheep at all. Her best friend, apart from Mum was "Tiger" the draft horse. I hope the crutching goes well and you don't have too many fly dramas.

  11. New to your blog, and I simply love it! Oh so sweet the pic of your baby with the baby lamb..thank you for sharing.

  12. Times flies! I can't believe how big lil miss Millie is already! Adorable photos and your creativity continues to shine in your posts--love it :)

  13. Oh I love your poddy lamb! Send one to me :-) Those photos are adorable!

    Speaking of rain we are waiting for another 600ml for xmas and then more to follow on Mon and Tues. We are cut off from the rest of Oz now so supermarkets will be emptying fast...hope Billy comes home soon with the hay or he may be stuck on the other side of the creek and will have to stay at his mums for xmas. It is lovely to hear the creek roaring past from our verandah though as last year it dried up for a few months and we nearly had to buy in water.

    Hapyy Christmas to you and yours, I think we all need new wellies from santa this year :-)

  14. I'm trying to catch up on my blog reading... it's been a while.
    The pic's of "your little lamb" and the other little lamb are so cute! I'll bet it's grown a lot since then. Hope your Christmas was wonderful. Reflecting on the Lamb of God!


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