Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Thrifty Finds....

Following on from this gorgeous blog who is following on from this just as gorgeous blog I'm posting of my latest 'Thrifty Find'...
I was lucky enough to attend a clearing sale last weekend and while there scored a few bargains in the process... The first was this little red suitcase for $1, yes that's right, $1!!!!
And when I opened it up it had a fabulous surprise in stall for me.....
A working vintage-y typewriter....
Can you believe it???? I can't wait to load it up with paper and start my typing adventure...
And you know what??? At that clearing sale I loaded the back of a little truck up for a whopping $50!!! What a bargain!!! So over the next couple of weeks I'll give you some sneak peaks as to what goodies made their way home with me... :)
On the garden front, I'm starting to pick my passion-fruit and they are absolutely delicious!!! Look out Xmas Day and homemade pavlova topped with fresh passion-fruit... YUMM-O!!!
I've also been picking zucchini and squash daily with this lot picked this morning...
I'm still waiting on my Tomatoes to ripen which is odd for this time of year. I guess it's due to the extremely WET season we're having for a change...
How's the garden going at your house at the moment, what are you harvesting???


  1. GREAT SCORE!!! Your $1 bargain makes my typewriter positively expensive (and it wasn't!). Happy Typing....

  2. Heya Jodie,
    Glad to hear the Clearing sale was a hit! Sad I missed it and didn't score that neat typewrite myself!! I LOVE those old things!
    Hope you and the family are all set for Chrissie! Not long to go now!
    Merry Christmas!
    Ellie x

  3. I have to admit to learning to touch type on one of those.... only a few years ago...
    I am so regretting not fixing up my vegetable garden... that all looks so good

  4. The cool weather really isn't helping the tomatoes this year, or the nectarines and peaches. Even my onions aren't swelling like they should be.
    Not bad for $1!

  5. WooHoo! What a deal! Have fun with your new typewriter.

  6. I have picked 8 tomatoes so far and the bushes are loaded. Beans are doing well but the peas were not a sucess...sigh. Have a wonderful Christmas and a very Happy New Year.

  7. What a bargain Jodie. Can you still buy typewriter ribbon to go into it. I remember learning to type on typewriters at high school, makes me realise how long ago that was now. The passionfruit looks scrumptious and perfect to decorate the top of the pavlova!

  8. Lucky you, sometimes those clearing sales can be expensive.
    We are harvesting lots but still waiting on things which would usually be ripe and ready for the picking by now. I think you are right, it's the wet, cold, unseasonal weather.

  9. Look at your typewriter!! What a score!

  10. We had the exact same typewriter when I was a teenager - ours was in a pale blue case! I used to type letter to my penpals on it when I was 13 - such memories! I still use a small electric typewriter at work for addressing envelopes. I can do it much quicker on that than inserting an envelope into a printer etc. What a bargain!

    Seasons greetings and cheers,



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