Sunday, January 30, 2011

Way Back When

It seems that as the temperatures soar higher the work load increases round here...

With the mercury creeping up past 40'C today we load into our truck and hit the road. When DH gets called out to collect and cart stock, more often than not it's a family affair....

Some loads can see us travelling for hours up dusty old tracks but they're the trips we love the most!!

They're the ones that reveal hidden treasures... Like the 100yr old cottage that we stumbled upon today, lined with decadent pressed tin and echoing a time gone by.
As I listened to the Cocky tell the old building's story I longed to see what it would have looked like 'way back when'....


  1. I would love to see photos of that 100 year old cottage, especially it's pressed tin.
    Mrs BC

  2. Oh! Me too! Is it near you? Love the snow-less pics! Up here in Canada everything is white...and extremely cold!!!

  3. Old cottages always get me thinking of what life was like in that home. It sounds beautiful. xo

  4. How gorgeous is your little girl! What a photo.

  5. It certainly is hot - even down here in the Southern Highlands....

    I was out west (Dubbo) last week and it was stinkin' hot.

    Your little girl is brilliant in that photo.


  6. Got to love Australia, either drought or flood! But that seems to be what makes it's individual kind of beauty. Love the pic of daughter, especially sweet little knitted shirt :) Photos of the cottage tin'd be neat too :)

  7. I would love to see the 100 year old cottage too, it is quite fun seeing those houses and wondering what the family was like who resided in them and the adventures they would have had.

  8. We have an old cottage like that on our property. Pressed tin walls, stained glass windows behind an old wood stove, claw foot bath etc..... I am in love wth it. One day when we win lotto I am going to restore it to it's 1940's glamour! Feeling the heat down our way too, 41 degrees today...YUK!

  9. You know I envy you as this is the life I wanted.Yes I know its not easy but its always atracted me like forever.I always said Id marry a cowboy WRONG lol anyway am enjoying your posts.

  10. Jodie, I love your photos the red dirt reminds me of many hot Christmases spent with my grandparents out at Broken Hill. Today felt like a Broken Hill day temp 40 & very dry which is pretty rare for us as we live on the coast.
    I love guessing the history of an old house & imaging the people & the happenings of it's heydays.
    Your daughter is sweet, got a cute look going on there.

  11. Your pictures are beautiful! Your adventure sounds so interesting -- did you get any pictures of the old cottage?

  12. I love old places and always want to know more. If you have photos please share.

    No envy with you doing that work in this heat - take my hat off to all of you ☺

  13. Oh wow, that sounds amazing, the history & well, the dust!! Love Posie

  14. Hi, I actually stumbled upon your blog a couple of weeks ago, thought you must have lived nearby...we live north of Tilpa..when I stopped in Cobar the other day...I discovered your shop....very quaint...I was very tempted to buy some of the gorgeous yarns you have,but I stayed knitting is no longer on the agenda these days, time is taken up with quilting and stitching...and gardening..


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