Monday, August 15, 2011

Dirty Hands...

This morning I've been planting out some of the seedlings I've had growing for the past month or so on the front veranda - protected from the elements....
garden 3
There is at least 20 Pea plants (mixed),
garden 2
120 Golf Ball Carrots,
garden 1
and too many Beetroot's to worry about counting... Next up is the task of separating all of the onions, ready for planting some time today as well....
Are you getting your hands dirty this morning?? If so what's going in the ground (or pot) where you live?

If you can remember back here, I thinned out some Iris plants and transplanted them all round my garden...
garden 6
Over the past couple of weeks, as the weather starts to warm a little, they've found their legs and are looking as healthy as one could hope - bring on Spring and maybe a bloom or 2...


  1. Great photos Jodie...I have mixed summer vegetables that I am raising from seed in tiny pots, waiting until early next month to be planted out in the veg. patch!

  2. oh how lovely. I am just catching up on your blog after being 'out of it' for a while. I love your slippers, I love your new yarns, I love your bargain chairs, (the yellow chair is awesome!) I can see them all spruced up and lovely bright cushions on them very soon. I love your new selection of yarns, and am going to put in an order hopefully this week. Have a wonderful week at your place, oh and YES, I am such a homebody. Oh I love being home.

  3. Not too much happening in my garden at the moment; I'm haeding away for 5 weeks so its better to leave less rather than more. I have a feeling all my peas will be ready to eat while I'm gone, and hopefully the beetroot will be ready for when I get back. Love your photos!

  4. Jodie...I LOVE reading your inspires me, it really does. I have just (as of yesterday ) planted some baby carrots, peas, cherry toms, green beans and iceberg lettuce with my oldest daughter into big terracotta pots. I have actually just blogged about it, so there are some pics there too. Right now though, I am off to plant some flower seedlings :) Enjoy the rest of your week :)

    suse xx

  5. You'll be harvesting the fruits (vegetables) of your efforts in no time Jodie. I'm putting aside some time this afternoon after work and school pickup to get my hands dirty in my little patch. have a great day. Jane x

  6. Oh yes! It's definitely that time of the year. We have broadbeans, kale, garlic, silverbeet, artichokes and heaps more.

  7. Nothing in the ground at the moment:( It is that time of our postings that we are about to pack boxes and move at the end of the year.
    I am however in the planning stage - working out what we are going to plant when we arrive at our new home and what vegetables I would like to be eating:)


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