Tuesday, August 2, 2011

*Shop Update*

I've been trying my hardest to take a snapshot of what yarn I have in the shop at the moment and load it onto my website.... So far I've only managed to get through all of the 'Cascade' and still have 'Malabrigo', 'Debbie Bliss', 'Noro', 'Nundle' and then there's the 'hand-spun' to snap....
So, with a new shipment of Cascade hitting my shelves this Thursday there will be 26 shades of 220 Heathers,
6 (2)
4 shades of Alpaca Lace,
20 shades of 128 Chunky,
16 shades of 220 Sport..... 5
12 shades of Cotton Rich,
7 shades of Sierra,
and 50% off the last 3 shades of the Arcadia I used for this hat...... Phew.... I've even added new postage options for the website too with any order over 3kg getting FREE postage - pretty cool hey??? And the most you'll pay on any other order below 3kg is $11.20...


  1. What great photos of all your yarns Jodie. I cant wait to try some of those yarns out.

  2. Gorgeous yarns. I love the photos too.
    I just purchased some of that lovely arcadia. Can't wait to make something from it.
    I hope your week is full of happy. x

  3. I know it's really laborious Jodi but I have been really keen for you to do a shop update. I so wish I lived closer or within driving distance at least! I think you should work on the Noro next....just saying...:)

  4. I love the colours Jodie, and how you have displayed them. If only I could knit something other than a scarf in pearl or plain stitch.... one day! I'm getting more confident with my painting though. Jane x

  5. Hi Jelly, Please upload your stock of Malabrigo as I would like to purchase some. Cheers Fran.


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