Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Simple Country Life....

It's always busy round here this time of year as we prepare for the long hot Summer...
goats 1
There's dam fences to mend, stick piles to burn, goats to muster, garden beds to prep, veggies to plant, sheep to shear, more fences to build (and mend), fence lines to clear and if you're one of my girls, pockets to fill...
goats 2
Today, while I mended holes in old fences my girls helped out in other ways....
goats 3
They piled up sticks, collected flowers for drying and filled their pockets full of rocks - eager to take home for washing and painting, these always make the perfect gifts.

We really do love our Simple Country Life*!!!*


  1. Beautiful photos of your girls. Country Life is the best that's for sure. x

  2. The best place to raise children is the country. Their life is not cluttered with all the craziness of city life. Pockets full of rocks is good. It's a good simple life and can't be beat.

  3. Rock collecting looks quite painful though!

  4. oh miss MILLIE what a beautiful smile, u made my heart melt :)
    looks like you have some great little helpers.....x

    Bec Cain

  5. Great piccies of the girls Jode, they look adorable as always!! I hope its not going to get too hot too quickly at home for you all!!

    See you all soon, Ellie......x

  6. oh i bet you will all sleep well tonight. sounds like a great days work. I visited my old people (i work in aged card) and made them smile for a while. Two fulfilling days, at opposite ends of the spectrum. Happy spring to you Jodie. Jane x

  7. They are so like you Jodie. I love seeing life through your eyes.

  8. And washing to do by the looks!

    Love seeing children enjoying themselves, and there is no better place than the country, red dirt and all!

  9. Your kids are so cute. Um, can I just ask... what laundry detergent to you use???

    Cheers - Joolz

  10. It sounds like you and your girls love your country life and it looks like they had a great time too. Simple is definitely the best. Have a great weekend I hope you enjoy your slice. xo

  11. Perfect post and perfect photos of your lovely little style nothing beats it :-)

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