Thursday, August 4, 2011


We sure are glad to be home....
After 4 long days away nothing quite beats the feel of your own bed as you nestle in for the night. Connie's camp was loads of fun but when I walked through the front door last night and took a deep breath in - it sure was good to be home...

Are you a 'home-body' like me too or do you prefer spending time out and about???


  1. That's such a sweet shot of your little girl, blue looks lovely on her. I'm definitely a homebody too. Nothing beats snuggling in your own bed. Have a good day at home today. x

  2. Homebody! Nothing is better than walking thru the door and spending time with the family and working on my projects. Love the cute hat on your daughter.

  3. I am definitely a homebody - because I work each day outside of the home, I love nothing better than staying in on a weekend to do nothing or something at home.

  4. Homebody, 100%: I would never leave if I didn't have to! ;)

  5. What a cutie!
    Yes I'm definetly a home body too.

  6. Hi Jodie
    i'm a really homebody. that's not stopping me from going away with my precious people for a long weekend at the coast though. sometimes when we are planning to go away, I get all excited and then the night before we leave, i always think, hmmm, i would actually be happy to be staying at home. but, life is for living, so off we go! Jane x

  7. I love being out and about - I love going camping, going on holidays, visiting friends. But, I sure love coming home and I love being at home.
    Good to hear camp was fun :)

  8. I think I am a mix, while I love going places sometimes I dont want to go anywhere. Id rather kick back at home.

  9. I do miss...a good little trip away, but home is where I'm happiest!

  10. I'm right in the middle... as much as I love being on the go and always out and about, you really said it the best... nothing beats the feeling of your own bed.

  11. Glad your all home safe n sound....
    I do love a weekend when I can just sit around home and sew stitch veg out.

  12. Definitely a home body and proud of it. There is no better place to be and I have never been one to be running about all day. I stay busy here at home. Home is where the heart is for sure.


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