Monday, November 7, 2011

Making A Start...

Thanks to all who are joining in with my Festive Washer Swap - it's great to see some old faces returning for another round... I'll email you tonight with all the details...

After a trip to town today to stock the pantry I made a quick stop by my shop and picked up some essential cotton so that I can make a start on my Washer for the Swap...
swap 2
I'm using the decadant Malabrigo Organic Cotton for my Washer in the Earthy 'Pacae' Shade... What's your favourite Cotton????
swap 1
O.K...I'm now off to sit down with a cup of tea and wind up my yarn.... Tonight I'll be clicking away on the remake of a Grandmother's Classic - oh what JOY!!!


  1. I am so excited to me taking part!
    Hanging for a pot holder swap in Australia if anyone knows of one too.
    I had actually just ordered a heap of Bendigo cotton just days before I saw this swap so I'll probably be using that. I haven't used it before though.
    Otherwise I have used some bamboo for a face washer for a baby present that is going really well. Wonder how that would go for dishes.
    If you need my email addy let me know

  2. Hi Jodie,

    My email address is:

    Looking forward to the swap.

    Cheers, Leigha

  3. Couldn't find an email address for you but mine is

  4. I'm sorry I missed the sign up for your swap but I will just go ahead and make one for myself anyway.

    I love the cottons in the picture. The colours are gorgeous.

  5. I Like the Bendigo cotton and I have tried a few others. I do like the Malabrigo colour you have got there.


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