Friday, November 11, 2011

Wool Cheque

This time of year always makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside - I think it's one of the best things I love about being married to a sheep farmer. We've just finished shearing and the smell of sheep manure and wool is in the air....
wool 1 
So yesterday afternoon from the deck of the Shearing Shed we watched our cleanly shawn sheep grazing out across the flat and proudly loaded up our truck with this years wool clip..
wool 2 
And at the end of it all there were smiles all round...
wool 4
With hopes of a big Wool Cheque come Xmas - we sure do love this time of year...


  1. Shearing day for us tomorrow. No big cheque though from our little farm. The payment is in loving what we do and that is definitely not to be under-rated.
    Gorgeous pictures Jodie. I'm glad the season seems to be going well this year.

  2. Lovely post Jodie, shearing is always a good job to have finished! Great photos. Happy Friday!

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  4. Well done to getting the shearing finished! How did you manage to stay so clean and lovely looking? Anytime I get involved with animals I end up filthy and looking knackered :-)menceret

  5. It does not surprise me one bit that a woman who loves yarn would also love a sheep farmer, LOL. Somehow the 2 just seem to go hand in hand. I bet that when all the sheep are sheared then off to the market to sell it that one would have a feeling of accomplishment. Thank you for sharing your lovely photos.

  6. hey jodie!!
    I'm supporting you big time (just ask my husband!!)
    I love, love, love wool and I'm hoping you get the biggest, fattest cheque out


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