Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Adding Them Up....

I'm away at a Home-schooling Camp with my 5yr old Connie at the moment, have been since Sunday, and with all of the 'to-ing' and 'fro-ing' (and sitting around) I've managed to knit up another 15 stars using the tutorial in my sidebar for the sick kids I told you all about back here.
tree 1
That will bring the total amount of Stars crafted up by the incredibly generous community of Cobar (and surrounds) to 267, WOW!!!! Not many to make now to reach our goal of 280 before the 10th of December - when we send them off to the Westmead Children's Hospital for Xmas... 

Are you involved in anything for Charity this Xmas???? I'd love to hear about it.....


  1. Love these stars Jodie, what a great effort!

  2. Wow Jodi. You sure have been one busy gal. How wonderful to be making stars to donate for Christmas. I am sure they will brighten someone's holiday. Good job!
    {{{HUGS}}} Susanne

  3. At work I have organised a Toy and Book drive for The Smith Family appeal. The children and I have been shopping for those children in need and am loving that they are thinking and using their pocket money for children less fortunate than themselves.

    Love the stars, what a cleaver idea.

  4. Wow Jodie thats an awesome amount of stars! I send crochet squares to SIBOL where Mrs Twins joins them all together and then at this time of year all the blankets are delivered to the nursing homes.

    PS I emailed you about some more cotton rich but as you are away you probably won't get it. Maybe you could express post me some when you get back as I was hoping to have the blanket finished next weekend...if not don't worry, they can wait :-)


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