Wednesday, July 18, 2012

A Jumper for Millie...

I finished the jumper I started for Millie back here just over a week ago and its been worn everyday since....
poppy 016-001
So far I'm loving this new (to me) Australian yarn and after several washes in the machine it seems to be holding up to the rough and ready lifestyle my knitting projects seemed destined for... I'm only experiencing a little bit of 'fluffing' on the surface of the jumper but have been assured that this will settle down in time....
poppy 021-001
How do you treat your hand knits??? Do you always hand wash or are you open to chucking things in the washing machine??

Also, have you ever used Biggan Yarn - has it 'fluffed' for you??


  1. So cute Jodie! Looks lovely and warm. I tend to hand wash wool...maybe I should get a bit braver and throw it in the machine, hand washing is a chore, our wool things tend to not get washed quite as often as they perhaps should :)

  2. Gorgeous knit Jodie!
    I throw all of my knits into the front loader on a 'wool cycle'. I have not had any problems with any shrinking, pilling, fluffing, or going out of shape.
    I have never heard of Biggan Yarn.

  3. I love her jumper. No I havent used that yarn before. I generally put my handknits into the washing machine on delicate and dont generally have any problems!


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