Friday, July 6, 2012


I spent the day in my Shop today - it was cold out and the air was fresh but in the confides of my little knitting shop I felt perfectly cosy...
beret 1
I was able to put the finishing touches on this pretty beret for a customer and start on a couple of other Orders which I've had in the pipe-line for the past couple of weeks....
I'm always filled with such inspiration after spending a full day in my Shop... The people that I'm blessed to encounter, engage my creative side which is truly invigorating.
By the end of a long day I do long for the comforts of my humble home - as I'm sure any Mother who works would. I miss the company of my girls and their Dad(Brad) but for 2 days a week it's my job to provide for my family away from the farm and venture into town...
Deep down I know that what I do is appreciated  and I really am so very lucky to be able to do something that enriches my soul the way that my little Shop does...

What enriches your soul??? 


  1. Good for you Jodie...your shop sounds lovely and a real rejuvenation for you. When I was providing bread and cakes to a local cafe that was also my little piece of independence and enrichment but in the end it got too much. So, now I find enrichment in my vegetable garden, cooking, reading and blogging. Have a lovely weekend x

  2. You are so lucky that you love what you do Jodie, and it provides a nice balance for you in between family stuff and work stuff. I used to knit for a lady who sold premmie baby clothes for dolls, but after a few months it just was too much and cut into my own knitting space and became too much work so I gave it up. Lucky you have customers that want really beautiful things. I love the beret with the crocheted flower!

  3. I think that is so wonderful that you have a shop of your own. I can't work full time anymore but for 2 days a week that would be wonderful. What enriches my soul is staying home actually and being able to be totally in charge of my days now that my children are all grown.
    The perfect setup for me would be to have a little apartment upstairs and a shop downstairs then all the "material" would be just a few steps away! LOL!

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  5. Your shop sound wonderful. Right now, the support of my family in redoing my kitchen is enriching my life. Couldn't do it without them!


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